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Nancy Harbison

By Harv Oliver

Richard Jean Michl

Ernest (Ernie) Sevilla, MSGT U.S. Air Force Retired (1935 - 2015)

Unless you’ve been way out of touch, you probably know that a key part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that taxpayers have qualifying health care coverage. Those without will need to qualify for an exemption, or pay a penalty. This “Individual Shared Responsibility” provision applies to both individuals and families, so while preparing your tax return this year, here are some things you ought to know.  

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Dolores Marie Youngs, 88

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Hardly a day goes by that tragic news doesn’t slam our senses. Nothing shocks like the tragedy of child abuse in any form. How can major injury and death befall a child at the hands of an adult they trust?

Vera M. Camacho

Mortgage interest rates continue to be low, and home values are on the uptick. If you are considering a refinance, there are some important home mortgage interest rules you should be aware of.  

This Holiday Season

December 31, 2014

By Pastor Michelle Magee, First United Methodist Church

The real estate industry, among others, has embraced electronic signing and paperless transactions. While it may be a cost saver for some, clients and some Realtors can feel the price is high.

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Warren Buffet, the “Oracle from Omaha,” is considered one of the most successful investors in history. Yet while the investment world may seem complex, Mr. Buffet’s advice is actually pretty simple. HAere are a few Buffet quotes, along with some suggestions on putting them to use:

Virginia Lee Westerman 

Pam Fullerton

Betty Riley Sisk

Thank you from Optimist Club

Cruz M. Medina

Greetings from the IRS

December 03, 2014

You’ve just picked up your mail and ... uh oh, there among the ads, bills and too numerous offerings for credit cards is that official looking letter from the Internal Revenue Service. A feeling of dread comes over you...but don’t panic or toss it, and please DO open it. 

James Eliot Blanchard

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James Douglas Schwindt

Letters to the Editor

November 14, 2014

Thank you to all

Obituary Luis Paulino Espinosa

November 12, 2014

Luis Paulino Espinosa

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