Letters to the Editor

January 20, 2006
To the people of Santa Paula To the Editor:Mich Yamamoto has passed on. Dad was a simple man. Although he never aspired to be important, he always wanted to do what was important and with all his heart, he wanted to make people happy. He always did his best for who he was and simply tried to take care of the things that needed to be done.Mich had an amazing way with people, maybe because he genuinely cared about anyone and everyone. He never spoke badly of anyone and, although he acknowledged that bad things happen, he didn’t look to assign blame. Although he certainly had a strong set of values, he always tried to acknowledge others for what they were.Mich loved the town of Santa Paula. Although he was born and raised in Northern California, this was his home. He cared so deeply for this town and its people, he’d do anything to help and to make things better.Mich and Helen operated a small Mom and Pop grocery store for nearly 40 years, the Garden Market (better known as Mich’s). But it was so much more than just a business. It was a way of life. Regrettably we’ve lost something precious in this fast paced, high tech competitive world: the sense of genuine caring that was embodied in them and their small store. Now, we’ve lost Mich and somehow, the world seems a little colder.Like all the important people in our lives that have passed on, Mich will live on through those of us who are left behind. Our legacy, the meaning of our lives, isn’t defined by how much we have or how much we make but by how many people we touch and Mich certainly has left a large legacy.We want to thank all of you for being a part of our lives and Dad’s life. Thanks for caring about him and sharing yourselves with him and all of our family.The YamamotosHelenPaulDickDeanSanta PaulaLate indignationTo the Editor:
Wow!! What indignation!! In two front-page articles at least in six places the fact that signature gatherers were paid! This is the first indication that I’ve seen that anybody in any way involved with We Care was going to realize any kind of economic gain over this Fagan Canyon issue. This group’s main concern, I sincerely believe, is the traffic problems that are going to occur when 10,000 additional auto trips are dumped onto existing streets in Santa Paula every day.It would seem to me that many of the folks on the other side of this issue are hoping to gain much if this large development comes to fruition, whether it’s the local merchants, the local newspaper or people in the city government that see chances for promotions and raises as the result of Santa Paula becoming a much larger city. Oh, and probably the out-of-state builder might want a small profit too. And not that there is any thing wrong with that, but we should be honest about it.I’m not a member of either group. I didn’t even know that this second petition drive was going on. I just wish that there had been this much indignation expressed in our favorite Santa Paula newspaper when the first petition with over 2600 signature was thrown out on a technicality.Richard AtchisonSanta PaulaDemocracy?To the Editor:Until recently I have been against the massive development of Fagan Canyon, but upon reflection I now see this issue goes beyond a few thousand homes being built; no, this matter strikes at the very foundation of our political system.Some misguided members of We CARE have been talking about our democratic system being subverted. Well I have news for them, we live in a republic! Our Founding Fathers in 1781 set up a system whereby the landed gentry would control the government. They realized that the gullible, ignorant, and often stupid average citizen could not possibly be allowed the means of governance. They must have been turning over in their graves when the poor, non-whites, and even women were given the so-called “right to vote.”However, by careful manipulation of the political system, those in charge have remained in charge. I implore our leaders to find a loophole to disallow this latest petition by We CARE and put an end to this foolishness. The ill-informed masses must never be allowed control of their future as it puts at risk our way of life in this great country.Barry RobertsSanta Paula

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