Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year - Las Piedras location

March 24, 2006
Santa Paula News

Jose Saucedo

Representing Las Piedras Boys and Girls Club of Santa Clara Valley, Youth of the Year is senior Jose Saucedo from Santa Paula High School. You might have seen him at the annual city clean up, where he feels that preserving the beauty of this small town is essential or spending his weekend mowing the lawn at the Boys and Girls Club where he aspires to make a difference. Jose stated he needed a purpose, and the club has given him one. He credits the club with motivating him and giving him opportunities to make the correct choices. He said he was a” wannabe gangster now he wants to be a wannabe influence for the youth of tomorrow”. Many of his old friends are no longer around due to the poor choices they made.Because of his leadership skills in Keystone and dedication to the youth he was selected as Junior Staff. He continues to build friendships with the club members and parents. He wants everyone that comes to the club to feel the same way he felt when he arrived, hopeful with a sense of belonging.He plans on carrying that special bond and friendship that he encountered with staff on to his next journey, Oxnard College, where he plans on studying to become a firefighter.One of his goals was to make his parents proud, and he is on his way.
For more information how you can make a difference or how the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Clara Valley can make a difference to your child, please call 525-7910

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