Johnny Manzano, Class of 1979 (pictured upper left), shows how a ball should be hit during Saturday’s Alumni game. The Alumni won the game, 13-6. (Above, center) Freshman Albert Carrillo catches a pop fly at the Alumni game. Varsity coach Manuel Herrera (above right) stepped in to pitch for the Alumni in the final inning, with some heckling from his varsity players. (Bottom photo) Alumni baseball team (not in order): Armando Aguilar (’83), Kevin Sliger (’81), Brent Cookson (’87), John Manzano (’79), Brad Guevara (’83), Martin Montelongo (’85), Carlos Torres (’96), Manuel Manzano (’83), Doug Colburn (’83), Tom Frutos (’90), Larry Cerda (’87), Chris Harvey (’83), Alex Cerda (’90), Jacob Macias (’01), Ulisses Valenzuela (’01), Mark Casteneda (’04).

Alumni baseball team overpowered varsity boys 13-6 Saturday

April 26, 2006
The “Old Guys” took the day over the “Kids”
A bunch of old guys beat up on the kids Saturday at the Santa Paula High School varsity baseball field. The alumni guys took the seven-inning contest 13-6. The event was for fun and to raise money for the Cardinal baseball program. The alumni players were mostly from the 1980s with one from the Class of 1979. The youngest player came from the Class of 2004.Two former major leaguers helped the old guys beat the varsity. Brent Cookson and Johnny Manzano both brought their experience to the game.It was anyone's game in the first few innings, but the Alumni team suddenly came alive in the fifth. The game was tied 2-2 up until that point when the Alumni scored 8 runs. Two more in the sixth and a final run in the 9th sealed the victory.
Game stats for the Alumni: Armando Aguilar ('83) 2-4 and 1 RBI, Kevin Sliger ('81) 0-3 and 2 stolen bases, Brent Cookson ('87) 1-3, John Manzano ('79) 2-3 and 1 run, Brad Guevara ('83) 0-3, Martin Montelongo ('85) 2-3 and 1 run, Carlos Torres ('96) 1-2 and 1 run, Manuel Manzano ('83) 1-2 and 1 double, Doug Colburn ('83) 1-2 with 1 RBI, Tom Frutos ('90) 1-3 with 2 RBIs, Larry Cerda ('87) 1-2 and 2 runs, Chris Harvey ('83) 1-2 and 1 RBI, Alex Cerda ('90) 0-3, Jacob Macias ('01) 2-3 with 3 RBIs, Ulisses Valenzuela ('01) 0-3, Mark Casteneda ('04) 1-3 with a double.

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