Santa Paula High School Campus Briefs

September 01, 2006
Santa Paula High School

Santa Paula High School opened with 1,679 students on the first day of school.

Santa Paula High School opened with 1,679 students on the first day of school. During the first week, our new Link Crew Leadership Program and ASB welcomed incoming freshmen with a full day orientation on high school life and leadership. “Link Crew” is a new program that provides our incoming freshmen with guidance, leadership, and mentoring during their freshmen year at Santa Paula High School.SPHS implemented a successful Freshman Summer Algebra Academy that provided an intensive five-week math program to incoming freshmen. Students in the program also visited California State University at Northridge and the University California at Los Angeles. Along with the intensive Algebra program, teachers and counselors also provided a college awareness curriculum to students and parents over the five-week period.This school year Santa Paula High School has contracted with ETS to provide consulting services in curriculum development and instructional strategies. Santa Paula High School has implemented several new instructional programs for incoming students such as the Algebra Academy, a new Reading Program for freshmen, along with the Link Crew Mentoring Program.Congratulations to all students that scored passing marks on their Advanced Placement Exam and to their teachers for their hard work. This year Santa Paula High had 67 students score passing marks.Santa Paula’s Athletic Program has been gearing up for fall sports and our teams are ready for a new season of competition. For more information or schedule of games, contact Henry Jacinto at 525-4406 ext. 234.
The Santa Paula Rotary Organization will be sponsoring a BBQ for our newly hired teachers on September 25, at Roy Wilson’s ranch. A special thanks to Rotary and Roy Wilson for extending this invitation in welcoming our new teachers.Santa Paula High School will be participating in a local City Wide Disaster Drill on September 14, 2006. Assistant Principal, Ms. Robin Gillette, other site administrators and a committee of teachers have been preparing for this drill.BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT is scheduled for September 14, 2006, starting at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium. Principal Gaitan welcomes all parents to visit their child’s classes.

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