Yes on Measure A7

May 04, 2007
The Santa Paula Times recommends a YES vote on MEASURE A7 on May 8th. Measure A7 would not approve any particular development project within the Adams Canyon expansion area and would not annex the Adams Canyon area into the city’s jurisdiction. Any proposed development would require approvals from the Santa Paula City Council. For this development and any development in the city, a specific plan, development agreements and other agreements would have to be approved. Adams Canyon areas would have to be annexed into the city before anything can be done. This long process will give the citizens of Santa Paula plenty of opportunity to review any project and make sure, whatever is done in Adams Canyon, that it will benefit all. There will be plenty of checks and balances and citizen input as it should be. In the end the Adams Canyon project will help Santa Paula.What Measure A7 proposes is simple; the measure would amend Santa Paula’s General Plan so the CURB line could be moved giving the city of Santa Paula control over growth in Adams Canyon. The measure would also amend the General Plan reducing the number of homes in Adams Canyon from 2250 homes to 495.The measure also requires 100 acres of land for the construction of public recreation facilities, such as baseball, soccer, and football fields, as well as tennis courts and sports courts and a community center, all paid for by the developer. The measure will also require 40 acres of land to be set aside for a school site. The measure calls for the construction of a golf course and hotel, provide road right-a-ways and set aside open space. Remember the City of Santa Paula can also negotiate other benefits for the citizens of Santa Paula.This measure is a win-win for the citizens of Santa Paula. We do not want to lose the opportunity to control Adams Canyon. We do not want to lose the opportunity to increase the tax base in Santa Paula. We do not want to lose public recreational facilities, a school site and much more.
It is absolutely important that you vote YES on MEASURE A7 to have all of the above. Most importantly the City of Santa Paula and its citizens need to be able to control development in the canyon. Without approval the County of Ventura will determine what is built and reap the benefits.We ask that you join the Santa Paula Times, Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce, a majority of the Santa Paula City Council, former mayors, and your Santa Paula neighbors in voting YES on MEASURE A7 on May 8th.With passage, Santa Paula Citizens will be the winner.

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