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Ventura County Fair now open for fun

August 03, 2007
Santa Paula News
By Susan Branham Santa Paula TimesWhat a perfect day! The sun was shining bright, a cool breeze wafted over from the blue Pacific, and the unmistakable aroma of tri-tip barbeque reached all the way across the parking lot. Welcome to the 2007 Ventura County Fair. The Fair opened Wednesday, and the crowds were there to sample every Fair food imaginable, enjoy the music, watch the turkeys race or get a souvenir from one of the many vendor booths.The Wax Hand Jive was the place to create a wax hand impression, or even two. A dip in melted wax, and then cold water created a unique work of art, which could then be decorated to make it even more personalized.But the food. Food was everywhere, and for those who’ve forgotten, cotton candy is just about divine. The Fair food booths offer a lot of food on a stick this year – hot dogs on a stick, sausage on a stick, pork chops on a stick, frozen bananas on a stick- all designed, perhaps for eating on the run – or the stroll, if you are the curious type.And then there is the Jumbo Hand Dipped Corn Dog. “It was delicious,” Candice Deits of Fillmore said. “I shouldn’t have finished the whole thing. I’ll never eat again! It’s huge!”Flame-broiled hamburgers, steak and chicken sandwiches (for a good cause) promise darn good eatin’ at the Teen Challenge International booth. Remember to save room for the funnel cake – right next door.
The Home Arts building features rows and rows of jellies and jams and canned fruit on display in their sparkly glass canning jars, created with the costly commodity of time, love and quality. The Anacapa Knitter’s needles were clicking away with the fun of creativity and industry, demonstrating one of the many intricate needle arts on display there. They were surrounded by quilts hung on the walls, geometric patterns of color, design, and imagination.A peek into Floriculture proves that green thumbs do exist, and the cuteness factor in the 4-H livestock area is inestimable. But for an old farm girl, the stars of the show have to be the Budweiser Clydesdales. They’re stationed at Porker Flats next to the Wild West Turkey Stampede. And they are magnificent.You can’t see it all, sample all the food, and ride all the rides at the Ventura County Fair in one day– but you can sure have fun trying! See you at the Fair.

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