Santa Paulans, Fillmore man plead guilty crime spree

November 01, 2000
Santa Paula News
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesAn August crime rampage in Ventura and Camarillo was not contested by the suspects, who last week pleaded guilty to the charges related to the series of assaults and robberies.Michael Joseph Fernandez, 22, David Cortez, 18, Hector Aguayo, 19, and Jesse Perez, 19, all of Santa Paula and Ernest Kevin Borrego Jr., 19, of Fillmore, pleaded guilty, and their attorneys told the court the five regretted their actions; they will be sentenced at a later date.They were arrested on August 13, after a two-hour spree of random assaults and robberies.The men committed six separate robberies and assaults starting at about 7:20 p.m. in Ventura and ending about two hours later in Camarillo.The first victim was a 65-year-old Ventura man who was beaten and stabbed with a screwdriver as he walked in the area.
As Ventura Police investigated the attack, another report of violence was received: the victim had been attacked and beaten near Laurel and Santa Clara streets.The next incident occurred at about 8 p.m., when another Ventura man was beaten, stabbed with a screwdriver and robbed near Mills and Telegraph roads. Shortly thereafter, another Ventura man was beaten and stabbed in an attack that occurred in the 600 block of Cedar Street; about an hour later two young women, one from Ventura and the other a resident of Camarillo, were attacked and robbed as they sat in their car near the Century 16 Theaters at Johnson Drive in Ventura.Camarillo Police were called at about 9:21 p.m. to investigate a robbery committed near the Edwards Theater and the description of the suspects’ vehicle - a dark, four door sedan - matched the car being sought by Ventura Police.At almost 10 p.m. a patrol officer spotted the suspects’ car parked at a Saticoy fast-food restaurant and they were arrested. Some of the stolen items were recovered from the suspects’ vehicle. None of the victims received life-threatening injuries.

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