Letters to the Editor

October 30, 2009
Democrats To the Editor:I’m not a Democrat, however I have to admit there are some things Democrats do a lot better than Republicans. The first thing I learned about the current administration is they do know how to spend your money on more pork & earmarks, in order to get themselves re-elected better than you do. Democrats work better in a dark room with the door closed. Democrats can come up with more ways to take your money and tax you than Republicans can. Democrats will sign on legislation that they have not read - Republicans don’t like to do this - Republicans fall short. The Democrats stand tall and laugh on costly matters when they are in majority. Democrats are excellent at spending your unborn great grandchildren’s money before they make it. Democrats love to help poor people get into houses that they can’t afford to pay for. Their leaders Barney Frank and Chris Dodd have encouraged this type of activity for years.   Democrats and Republicans both know that a war is very expensive for both sides. Afghanistan’s warring tribes have been supported by drug sales for many years. Afghanistan does not have enough infrastructure in roads and railways to carry crops to market but they can smuggle heroin to the market on camels. We unfortunately look the other way when we see poppy fields in bloom. The Afghanistan citizens support the cost of their war with heroin; we support our troops with our tax dollars. Afghanistan’s economy would collapse without outside help or heroin sales. How do we train people to use modern equipment when most do not even read. It is understandable that Obama’s administration doesn’t know which way to turn and that is why he is procrastinating on making a decision on sending more troops for Afghanistan.David KaiserSanta PaulaCitizens PatrolTo the Editor:This is to voice and thank one of our police officers Sgt. Jimmy Fogata. I want to first personally express my thanks for all you do in this city. I never fully understood what you and the officers deal with on a daily basis. Your endless hours and dedication in your job and the passion you have for what you do is highly commended. If only all of us could see what you see. I have now a very heartwarming RESPECT for you. You have opened my eyes to the danger that you deal with daily. All the way down to a traffic stop. You are always at risk. This does not exempt the other officers who have supported us being there also. To the officers of Santa Paula “Thank You”. I have learned many tools watching you work.“Citizens Patrol” is proud to work under your direction and support, and I believe I can speak for our team. Your education is interesting and instructive and it leaves me with such a rush of information. Your humor is amazing. And how you keep from breaking is beyond my understanding.You have given me the opportunity and knowledge to understand what it takes to keep our city safe. I am honored to be a part of your team. And I am grateful that Chief MacKinnon has allowed this program to continue and given us this unbelievable opportunity.I am surrounded by some wonderful folks that make up our Citizens Patrol. Just know that “WE” are here for YOU and to help Santa Paula in any way we can. I look forwarded to learning everything. Santa Paula Police Officers are a great team. You all do above and beyond your call in my book. I look forward to working with you all.Martha BrownCitizens PatrolCanine conundrumTo the Editor:We received a bill from the City for $20 for one dog license for King David Bolton, the white rescued poodle.Last year we received a bill from the City for dead dog, Bear.We did not receive a bill for rescued black poodle, Jonathan.I think we have a case of reverse discrimination.I would like to know how the City knows King David lives at our house, but doesn’t know that Jonathan does and Bear isn’t.Life is getting harder and harder.Kay Wilson-BoltonSanta PaulaDon’t even think about itTo the Editor:
Hey city of Santa Paula, and to the City Council, last Tuesday morning I had a talk with one of the city’s firefighters at Carl’s Jr. What’s this I hear that you are planning on shutting down Station #82 right there on Main Street?Well, I have something to say to you, and that is don’t even think about it, and I’ll tell you why. It’s because we need that station to be left open at all times for all the residents who live on the west end of town, and that is Santa Paula.That is because I remember they were there for my mom when she needed medical assistance, including a couple of falls. I mean they are there for all of us that live on the west end of town, and they provide a service to all of the ones who live on the west end of town.And this is how you will probably thank them for their efforts at Station #82 – by shutting down Station #82. Come on, we need that station to be open at all times, people. After all, that station has been a very vital part of the city of Santa Paula, and so have the firefighters who worked there at that station.And let me say and tell you this, just think of this – and that is, if you were to do that and move all the ones that work at Station #82, then think of the longer the emergency call response time it will take for all of the firefighters who go on one emergency call, then have to go back to the fire station at the 10th Street station, and then have to go back out to another emergency call. And also that will be and/or put a lot of pressure, strain, stress and tension on the ones who work at the station on 10th Street, who have to take on all of this and more than ever.So before you think of doing any of this, I have only one thing to say, and that is don’t even think about shutting down Station #82 because the more, the better if you just leave it alone. Just think of what it will do to all of the firefighters if this was to happen.Everyone will be better off having it left open so we can continue to have fire emergency services on the west end of town; the better off they will all be. So please, let’s leave Station #82 b as and where it is, and that is alone please.Thank you,John BravoSanta PaulaDerail the gravy trainTo the Editor:Help our economy by letting your Washington representatives know that higher taxes on small businesses kill incentive for employers to hire more workers - JOBS!!!! Cutting taxes on small businesses encourages employers to increase employment in their industries - JOBS!!!! Most Washington politicians today do not get the message, once they get on the gravy train that you and I pay for. You are the one to tell them. TODAY’S REPRESENTATIVES spend most of their time creating earmarks for their communities and pork projects to get themselves re-elected. Sad but true!!The slogan for ONE political party used to be “TAX THEN SPEND”; today it is “SPEND THEN TAX”.Is this the change you voted for?David KaiserSanta PaulaLiving memorialsTo the Editor:Last Saturday family, friends, and young soccer players held a memorial service for American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) coach and board member David Winters, who died recently in Santa Paula. I knew David well enough to enjoy his company, and I deeply admire his work training coaches and coaching boys and girls.Seeing the young players at his memorial service reminded me of the funeral of a soccer coach of mine, 35 years ago and far from here. As young boys we felt sorry that our coach had died and sympathized with his family, but we did not realize how much we owed him. His patient instruction improved our skill at the game; his emphasis on cooperation taught us how to accomplish together what none could have achieved on his own; and his personal example of sportsmanship and courtesy showed us the sort of people we should be, whether on the field or off. It took me a long time to see what our coach had done for us. In a similar way, I suspect the boys and girls at the service last Saturday did not fully appreciate what their coach did for them, and it may be a long time before they realize that they themselves are a living memorial to Coach David Winters.David ApplebySanta Paula

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