Left to right are: Jorge Gonzalez, Lisa Soltero, host John O’Hurley, Erica Preciado, Sarah Gonzalez, and Chris Gonzalez.

Gonzalez Family pitted against the Evans Family in action packed “Family Feud”

January 06, 2010
Santa Paula News

Think of it as “Feud 2.0” if you like, because the new season of America’s favorite family game show is bursting with big changes, and the Gonzalez Family of Santa Paula is going to be part of the action.  Bigger cash prizes and a brand new car are just two of reasons to tune into this season’s FAMILY FEUD.  Santa Paula’s own Gonzalez Family will face off against the Evans Family of Ft. Lauderdale, FL on the exciting new season, and they will man their buzzers beginning on Thursday, January 7.  This exciting new season of the classic game airs Monday-Friday at 6:00 p.m. on KCAL (Channel 9).

 The Gonzalez Family - which includes Erica, who likes making funny faces for her daughter; brother Chris, who only speaks truth; sister Lisa, a shopaholic sports fanatic; dad Jorge, who has a green thumb; and mom Sarah, who always has a good joke - will be aiming for top prize money of $150,000, plus a brand new car, when they appear in America’s favorite family game show, taped before a live studio audience in Hollywood.

 “We are a very close family and we thought going on The Feud would be a fun thing to do together,” said Erica.  “If we win we want to take an amazing vacation together.”

 “The Gonzalez Family are really excited to be on The Feud,” said host John O’Hurley.  “With two new families on the show today, anything could happen.”

 Will Santa Paula’s Gonzalez Family win enough to take everyone on a family vacation on The Feud?  We’re not saying, but viewers can find out by tuning in beginning Thursday, January 7.

 The Feud is hosted by the ultra-suave John O’Hurley (“Seinfeld,” “Spamalot”), whose razor-sharp wit has made him one of the busiest men in show business.  Each weekday, on the all-new variation of The Feud, O’Hurley will guide the audience through the exciting new changes that make the show such a modern classic.  First up is the lightning-fast Bullseye Round, where the families have an opportunity to stash away up to $15,000 from the very first buzzer.  With the extra money up for grabs the families now have the opportunity to win an increased prize of up to $30,000 in cold hard cash at the end of the Fast Money Round.  In addition to the bigger payout per day, each family that wins for five days in a row will drive home in a stylish new car.  Add this to the brand-new family profiles where viewers can learn more about their favorite families and an updated set featuring modern living rooms and fans of The Feud are in for a whole new experience with America’s Favorite Family Game Show.  After the show is over, fans can connect for breaking news on Twitter (www.twitter.com/family_feud) and find outtakes and behind the scenes footage on YouTube (www.youtube.com/familyfeud).

 One of the most beloved and successful game shows in television history,  The Feud is produced by Fremantle Media North America and distributed by Debmar Mercury.  Gaby Johnston is the show’s Executive Producer.  Ken Fuchs is Director, and Jim Roush is Executive in Charge of Production.

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