Letters to the Editor

March 09, 2001
Grateful Knights To the Editor:Dear Business Owners,On behalf of Knights of Columbus Council 3608, we want to express our thanks and gratitude from all our members. The exhibiting of our flyer is a great boost to reach as many people as possible, in order to make our fund-raiser a success.The money we raise will go to high school students as scholarships. With God’s help and yours, our endeavor will succeed.Our sincerest thanks go to the following businesses: Foster’s Freeze, Tia Babe, Yamaguchi’s, Tlaquepaque, Vince’s Cafe, Frank’s Paints, La Terraza, Panaderia Michocan, Bailey’s, Strings-N-Things, Qunit Real, Heritage Hardware, Gonzales Furniture, Tresierras Supermarkets, El Rancho Allegre Market, Goodwill Industries, Rite Aid Pharmacies, Luz Beauty Salon, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, St. Sebastian Church, Laborers Union 585, Victoria’s Shoe Repair, Lee’s Nut Shack, Santa Paula Times, Arana’s Party Items Etc., Ameci Pizza & Pasta.George J. CastanedaFinancial SecretaryKnights of ColumbusSanta PaulaBedell goal achievedTo the Editor:The Bedell Parent-Faculty Club would like to thank the parents, teacher staff, community members, and many businesses who have helped us with our goal of purchasing and installing the new playground equipment. The Bedell parents, teachers and staff have made each fundraiser (there have been many!) a huge success. Everyone has pulled together and done what they could without a complaint. Many members of the community, who have no children at the school, have supported the fundraisers. Thank you all!We would also like to thank Smart & Final, Procter & Gamble, Sam’s Club, Vons, Carl’s Jr., La Cabaña, and especially the Garden Market. Victor and Maria made our Magnet Celebration a huge success!Thanks again! The students of Bedell School will benefit from your support and generosity for many years.Bedell Parent-Faculty ClubSanta PaulaRighting past wrongsTo the Editor:In any society, including our own, a majority of people are conventional, and feel most comfortable among others like themselves, those who also conform to the conventionally accepted way of life. Non-conformity moves them to feelings of uneasiness, irritation, anger, hostility. Indeed, at their worst, people may be moved to physically attack, occasionally even to kill non-conformers.Though it is not true in all societies, in the U.S., conventional people have been conditioned by their early life experience to perceive homosexuality not only as non-conformity but also as the worst kind of moral failure, as shameful and revolting, as a violation of the will of God as expressed in the Bible. The result is that this has become a deeply rooted conviction in a great many of our people, not easily altered.
However, many of us are now able to see that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality, though it manifests itself only in a minority. The fact is that nature produces a wide range of sexual response patterns. We can see now that the Bible, while of great importance in our culture, is not without flaw; can see that it taught us and our forebears an inhumane and immoral response to homosexuals.Though this pattern of response is deeply rooted in us, while it will be a struggle to change it, the change, clearly, is already in progress. Evidence of a gradual improvement is apparent in many of our churches, in television, magazines, newspapers, and the mass media in general. This is a remarkable and creative shift in the moral consciousness of our people, and one that will greatly enhance the quality of life among us. Especially for homosexuals, who have been subjected to severe and persisting abuse by conventional people in the English-speaking world for centuries.Each of us must work at the task of altering our own inner attitudes as well as our outer behavior toward homosexuals. It is a moral obligation. We owe it to God and country.We can help bring about this creative moral change by supporting a bill, AB 1338, that has been introduced in the State Legislature. The Legislative Counsel’s Digest describes it in part as follows: "Existing law provides that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized. This bill would provide for the issuance of a civil union license, and provide that the rights and obligations of a civil union, which could be entered into by any two persons, are the same as those of a marriage."No doubt many of our State’s people, because of their lifelong social conditioning, will find this proposal repugnant. This is understandable, though regrettable. As we grew up in our society, almost all of us learned from our families and friends that same sex love was sinful and disgusting, morally outrageous. It is only in the past 20 years that a number of us have begun to unlearn this immoral and destructive teaching. But it is likely that we are still a minority, so it is important that those of us who care take all possible steps to support the passage of the bill.An important first step is to call our representative in the Assembly, Hannah-Beth Jackson, and indicate our strong support of AB 1338. Then, those who have access to the Internet can become fully informed about the bill at www.leginfo.ca.gov.We must do all we can in order to right the wrongs of the past, and to enhance the quality of life among the American people.The Rev Dr. Alexie CraneUniversalist Unitarian ChurchSanta PaulaRE: David Kaiser LetterTo the Editor:An attempt has been made to label the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) as an organization which does not care about the use of drugs in our schools. I feel it is necessary to respond to a letter by David Kaiser published on March 2, 2001. In his letter, Kaiser states that LULAC wants to protect drug dealers and users. This, of course, is a blatantly false and irresponsible statement since our organization in Ventura County has among its ranks members who are employed by the top law enforcement agencies in the county. In addition, our members include educators, parents and others who truly care about our children and their exposure to gangs and drugs. LULAC has always supported a zero tolerance drug policy for schools.We believe Kaiser needs to read the United States Constitution. If he believes in it and our system of law, he will understand why it is important to proceed carefully when we use the law to search innocent children and their personal belongings in the pursuit of the "bad guys." Pointing fingers without solutions, like Kaiser has done, achieves nothing. We must all work together to ensure that we are vigilant and report activities, which are indicative of drug use and sales. LULAC fully supports Chief Bob Gonzales’ efforts to prevent the introduction of drugs in our schools; we just disagree on how it should be accomplished.David M. RodriquezVentura County RepresentativeLULAC

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