Award for Excellence in Agricultural Stewardship and Sustainability presented to Limoneira Company

November 19, 2010
Santa Paula News

The Ventura County Resource Conservation District (RCD), in collaboration with the Ventura County Farm Bureau, the Ventura County Ag Future Alliance and the Ventura County Cattleman’s Association, will present its first annual Award for Excellence in Agricultural Stewardship and Sustainability to Harold Edwards, president/ CEO of the Limoneira Company on November 19, 2010.

The award will be presented at the RCD’s award luncheon at the Crowne Plaza, Ventura Beach. A special award for Excellence in Agricultural Leadership will also be presented.

“The Limoneira Company and Harold Edwards were chosen to be the first recipient of the RCD’s annual Award for Excellence in Agricultural Stewardship and Sustainability for their commitment to sustainability, excellence in energy efficiency, crop specialization, community engagement and philanthropy. Mr. Edwards and the Limoneira Company manifest the attributes selected as part of our award criteria and represent the best of Ventura County Agriculture,” stated Marty Melvin, executive director of RCD, Ventura County.

With its unique economic, cultural and historical importance to Ventura County, agriculture is an important and vital resource. Conserving this resource is essential for the preservation of open space, jobs, food security and the environment.

For over 60 years the Resource Conservation District has worked with landowners, organizations and government agencies to promote conservation of Ventura County’s unique resources. As a not-for-profit special district, the RCD is funded by grants, fee-for-service programs and contributions.

Agriculture is a critical part of the economic health of Ventura County. Currently Ventura County Ag producers manage over 250,000 acres of open space and provide 30,000 plus jobs, $1.6 billion in economic activity and over $20 million in tax revenue. “As the 10th most significant agriculture county in the United States agriculture is not only good for Ventura County, but for our state and nation,” stated Melvin.

Tasked with natural resource conservation in Ventura County, the RCD is committed to assisting Ventura County Ag producers in continuing their 200 year legacy of participating in their community, providing food for the nation, managing open space and creating jobs. “Promoting and sustaining agriculture is a critical aspect of our strategic mission and we determined that recognition for excellence in agricultural practice should be acknowledged.”

Criteria for the award were developed in collaboration with the Farm Bureau of VC, the Ag Futures Alliance of VC, and the VC Cattlemen’s Association. The award is intended to draw appreciative attention to those producer/growers that demonstrate the best qualities of sustainable agriculture and conservation stewardship. Award criteria include responsible and sustainable land management, economics, innovation, conservation excellence, overall land health, community outreach, and industry leadership.

Other RCD programs include: Watershed Protection, Best Management Practices / Planning, Conservation planning, Erosion Control, Ag Conservation, Ag Education and Environmental Education.

For more information about the RCD or about the luncheon: Marty Melvin, 805.386.4489 Ext 108,

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