Pearl Experiment: GTI paranormal conference to be led by Syfy’s Murphy

February 24, 2012
Santa Paula News

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience when the results of The Pearl Experiment - which had the goal of manifesting a thought form from mental energy - are revealed at historic The Glen Tavern Inn during a weekend conference featuring world recognized paranormal experts.

And that includes Bill and Anita McMillan-Murphy of who are hosting the event to “Explore the Theory of Thought Form Manifestation” (TFM) March 23-25.

Santa Paula Times’ readers can get a buy-one get-one free ticket to this conference (tickets are $145 each, hotel accommodations are separate), portions of which will also be live-streamed by the Syfy Channel. Ticket price includes Friday’s meet and greet, all presentations and Saturday night’s investigation. 

Bill Murphy is one of the hosts of Syfy Channel’s hit, “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” where he is the resident expert for new technology used to investigate - and if found to be phony, debunk - claims of paranormal events.

Conference attendees will be able to investigate the historically haunted inn during the course of the weekend-long event. And one of the most unique aspects is that attendees and speakers will also be participating in a new “mind/matter” experiment, as well as exploring the theory of TFM.

According to Wikipedia a thought form “is a manifestation of mental energy, also known as a tulpa in Tibetan mysticism. Its concept is related to the Western philosophy and practice of magic.”

The Pearl Experiment resulted in a photographer taking a photo of the lobby of the Glen Tavern Inn and when it was developed later realizing that a ghostly image in the mirror hung in Enzo’s Restaurant must be Pearl, a character that had been the focus of a previous experiment in thought form manifestation (TFM).  

“She was even twisting her pearl necklace,” said Anita of the image.

It was eight months after the July 2007 Pearl Experiment was conducted at the Inn that photographer Jim Spann unknowingly took the only known picture of a woman that existed due to a combination of an experimental device coupled with group intention.

Bill said Spann approached him at a conference in Colorado and showed him a scrapbook of images he suspected might be spirits. 

“He asked me about mirrors and I told him about mirrors and their influences,” and when Bill looked at the image it gave him a start... the woman was not in the area of the lobby where she must should have been positioned for her figure to be reflected in the mirror. 

When told that the photo had been taken at the Inn Bill had another start when he realized the loosely organized The Pearl Experiment, those who talked about the woman, given her a life, told stories about, even dressed eight months before, had seen results.

The parapsychology experiment was conducted initially with the idea that there possibly could be a recording - audio or visual media - and Spann had such documentation.

And because the experiment was conducted at the Inn Bill said “We want to reveal our findings where it took place... on Saturday morning we’ll introduce Pearl. I really want to use this opportunity to launch this new experience that everybody can be a part of... as far as we know Pearl was made up by using protocols of other experiments and manifested as a thought form... we create the experiment through curiosity and now we have to understand it.

“It’s almost,” noted Bill, “like doing it backwards!”

Santa Paula is far from his childhood home in New Orleans where Bill believes “I got involved in the paranormal because I was born into a family curious about this subject... just the environment,” of a home where his parents were importers of Haitian art.

Such art often carries heavy voodoo influences and themes that interested Bill: “With voodoo the target has to aware of the spell,” which is good, bringing love or money - or both.

“Civilizations all over the world,” have their own beliefs that can include magic, ghosts and haunting and “I didn’t really pay that much attention,” to the subject, but “in retrospect I suppose it did have an influence.”

In the 1990s he developed an interest in Shadow People, an apparition not reported until the late 1950s: “At the time some thought they were some sort of remote viewing experiment,” until reported sightings circled the globe.

“I traced it back as far I could and thought could this be the recorded silhouette of a person? What they are we don’t know... “

Anita noted that people are often uncomfortable addressing paranormal experiences, which prevents them from reporting sightings, as, “If you can’t measure it and quantify it then in the view of Western science it doesn’t exist... “

But physicists have tried to measure thought effects on matter and are still interested in the experimentation.

A focus of the March conference said Bill will, “Measure very precisely the effect on matter by group intention... and because we conducted The Pearl Experiment here it’s only right this is where we reveal the findings, right where it took place,” five years ago this summer.

Anita is looking forward to the high-technology equipment used for experiment purposes and Bill anticipates working with the team presenting their own thoughts and evidence.

Anita is also a child of the South warned early on about, “witchcraft... but I learned later that paranormal just means outside the normal and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m from a very religious family,” that has become more educated on the subject that Anita said is still the subject of much misinformation. 

“I admit at times I was freaked out,” by paranormal adventures, but if “Someone has learned something or they can take something good away from it then that’s my biggest pleasure... “

Bill hesitated when asked if he believes in ghosts: “You can’t define it, the term ghost can apply to so many experiences or encounters that people have. Some think they can hear the thoughts of those passed away or even feel their emotion... perhaps that would be a spiritual contact but to have physical contact is very rare - and unproven.”

But to record the presence of things that are unseen is becoming easier: “Due to the advancement of technology more people are looking... the gear has gotten much more sensitive, and we’re able to record an ever-wider portion of electro-magnetic,” wavelengths and fields. 

It is common knowledge that there are noises that can’t be heard by humans and light sources that can’t be seen with the bare eye but can be revealed by high-tech equipment.

“Our house,” said Anita with a smile, “is like a full-blown experiment all the time!”

Validating the process is important to Bill: “We do know that electronic voice phenomenon does occur,” as there is taped evidence of speakers without a discernible form.

And there locations that contain residual energy that physicists, “Would call a conditioned space...  and the location of your experiments has changed, its no longer the same space. It’s difficult to perceive with the naked eye as it may look exactly the same - but it’s not.”

One location the Murphys find just gets better is the Inn and Santa Paula where they have visited on numerous occasions.

“It’s beautiful,” said Anita, and Bill agreed.

In fact, after the interview at The Glen Tavern Inn the couple took a stroll on Main Street, winding up at Rabalais Coffee & Bakery for some sugar-dusted beignets, a touch of Bill’s native New Orleans.

The March 23-25 conference will feature a panel of nationally acclaimed speakers presenting on the topics of thought forms and new technology for the paranormal investigator. Attendees will have hands-on access to newly developed equipment as well as be able to attend workshops on investigation and research methods.

To qualify for the buy-one get-one free ticket (a $145 value) if purchased by March 3 visit and enter the code SP in the instructions box for Pay Pal or credit card information. Also see the website for more information.

Conference attendees will be taking over the hotel for the weekend so consider inviting out-of-town friends to come and stay at the Glen Tavern Inn. 

Seating for the conference is limited to 105.

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