Sentenced: German Renteria, a documented gang member, was sentenced Tuesday to 16 years in a state prison for assault with a deadly weapon with an added change related to gang enhancement.

SPPD: Judge sentences SP gang
member Renteria, 16 years in prison

January 16, 2015
Santa Paula News

A Santa Paula gang member was sentenced by a Ventura County Superior Court Judge to 16 years in prison on charges related to assault with a deadly weapon and street terrorism, less than the maximum sentence but more than the minimum.

German Renteria, 24, could have gone to prison for a maximum of 19 years and a minimum of 13 years but at his sentencing hearing he got 16 years of jail time.

According to Santa Paula Police Senior Officer Allen Macias of the SPPD Gang Unit, Renteria “must serve 85 percent of his sentence before being eligible for parole, meaning he must serve at least 13 1/2 years,” in a state prison.

Renteria has a longer wait in jail for parole due to his status as a gang member and the special enhancement added to his charges.

Renteria was tried for an August 23, 2012 assault with a deadly weapon that included the use of a firearm with a special allegation that he violated the Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act, more commonly known as gang enhancement.  

A documented member of the “Crimies” street gang in Santa Paula, Renteria was found to have committed the felonious attack that occurred in August for the benefit of the gang.

Renteria wasn’t in court last month to hear the verdict on his trial: mid-way through the trial, Renteria failed to appear in court when ordered to do so by the Judge, who issued a bench warrant to arrest the gang member.

The SPPD Patrol Division and the Investigations/Gang Unit worked with the Ventura County Sheriffs Gang Unit to locate Renteria; he was found in the City of Camarillo and arrested. 

Renteria was a known figure to the SPPD: he has been arrested over the years on charges ranging from driving without a license and street terrorism to possession of a concealed weapon.

In late July 2012, Renteria was part of a sweep that netted seven men suspected of criminal gang activity and crimes associated with same. 

Also arrested that day was Jesse Moten, then 20 years old and now being sought as the suspect in the June 2013 shooting death of Joseph Arellano, 24 of Santa Paula.

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