City Council recognizes volunteers
that helped beautify woman’s home

August 28, 2015
Santa Paula News

The City Council recognized Tom Moreno and his crew from Valencia-based Landscape Development, Inc. (LDI) for their volunteerism in beautifying the home of a Santa Paula woman.

Moreno, the company’s Earth Services Superintendent and 19 employees were thanked at the August 17 council meeting.

Mayor John Procter noted Moreno “Did something very exceptional,” by doing a “complete makeover on the property,” of Sally Knight, the widow of a Vietnam War veteran who has mobility issues that limits her ability to do yard work

Not only did the crew remove debris, trim shrubs and trees but they also helped set up a therapy pool for Knight.

Moreno said his fiancée “nudged me towards that direction” when she came across a Facebook post by Police Chief Steve McLean looking for volunteers to groom Knight’s property. 

Moreno took on the job because he found that McLean is very “proactive” and active in the community and should be helped when needed.

Landscape Development workers also volunteered and came to Santa Paula from Pacoima, Lancaster and Palmdale to work on Knight’s property.

McLean, Knight told the council, “Has been awesome…the crew was just amazing,” and included Moreno’s 2-year-old daughter.

“We had a nice visit from Martin,” Hernandez, and the vice mayor shook all the workers’ hands.

Knight said the effort should inspire others: “I encourage people to pay this forward…there are so many people in town that love their home but don’t have the means,” to maintain although they desire a beautiful home that adds to city beautification.

“I really was just blessed by the whole thing,” she added.

“Sally reached out to me on Facebook” said McLean, “but everybody knows I have a soft spot for veterans and she’s the widow of a veteran.”

Moreno, although living in another city as well as his crew, “Came here on their own time and the work they did would have cost thousands. Tom said his girlfriend,” who read the Facebook post asking for help, “said you’d better get hold of that chief,” and offer assistance.

Noted McLean, “All the guys sitting in the back there did all the work…I didn’t do anything at all.”

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