Santa Paulan arrested on suspicion of raping local woman

March 15, 2000
Santa Paula Police Department
A Santa Paula resident has been arrested on suspicion of raping a local woman who afterwards walked to an area gas station to call police. The incident was reported by the alleged victim at about 3:56 a.m. on Saturday, March 11. She had walked away from the scene of the alleged attack and called Santa Paula Police from a gas station located in the 100 block of South 10th Street.The victim, also a Santa Paula resident, told investigators the rape occurred in the 100 block of North 8th Street.Daniel Pineda, 37, was arrested by SPPD patrol officers who “saw him walking around,” shortly after the attack was reported, said SPPD Sgt. Carlos Juarez.The unidentified woman “Just vaguely knew the attacker from seeing him in a social setting,” he added. But, the incident was “less than a stranger rape but more than a date rape. It was more a circumstantial-type incident.”The woman was not physically injured during the attack.
The woman was able to identify the suspect - who has had police contact in the past but “Not for anything like this,” said Sgt. Juarez - and he was located and arrested without incident shortly after she reported the attack.Pineda is being held in Ventura County Jail on $100,000 and was scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday, March 14.The investigation is continuing, said Sgt. Juarez.

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