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July 31, 2015

This time around I’d like to share insight on some neat tools that used in the right environment can save you lots of time and money.  While this suggestion can be applied really anywhere - the home computer, the system the kids use, a common work station at the office - an ideal environment is a ‘shared resource’ or ‘public system’.  Basically what this means is a system or environment such as in a class room, library, social club, etc. shared by many different uses.

It’s an ongoing battle to keep systems operable when a system is shared.  Individuals have different needs, make different choices, etc.  When they perform their activities, it can often load software, sometimes improperly, make changes in how the system SHOULD operate, maybe delete a printer, or of course generate extended problems such as ‘bugs’.  This leads to down systems, slow systems, and/or extended costs in getting them back to normal operations.

There is a cost-effective solution.  Software is available that allows you to load, configure, then set a “BASELINE”.  What this then supports is each time the computer is restarted, the system defaults back to this baseline.  It’s awesome!  So someone at the Boys& Girls club system installs a program that now launches an unwanted feature when you open an application.  Simply ‘reboot’ the computer and again, you’re back to baseline.  Of course the baseline can also be password protect so changes cannot be made to it OR can be made when a proper update is performed and needs to now be included in the baseline.

This can be a very valuable tool used in the proper manner so think about if you have the environment where this might be a good fit.  I hope this information helps and keep in mind we can assist with identifying and setting up your operations to best fit your specific needs, or assist you with any of your other computer operations.

NOTE:  These are suggestions only so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our offices for professional service/guidance.

Until next time, don’t forget your backups!  For more information, contact Harv Oliver, HANDS-ON Consultations, (805) 524-5278,

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