Letters to the Edfiror

April 29, 2016

The QuestionCalpine?

To the Editor:

The very name of this corporation reminds one of fresh, clean air.  That is their intent and it’s utterly deceptive. What Calpine, Limoniera, and Edison offer is just another air-polluting electric generating plant.  They call it a “peaker” and say that it will only be used when demand exceeds the capacity of other plants, but one would hope this would be true of any plant.  Karl Krause, former director of engineering for Ventura County APCD, also questioned “peaker” terminology pointing out that hours of projected operation resemble those of any mid-level power plant.  It’s more accurate to describe it as a replacement for one of the obsolete beauties now in Oxnard.

Placing pollution into our valley poses greater air quality problems because much is dissipated along a coast.  Once in a valley it become trapped between valley walls and a thermal inversion layer above.  This is the problem in the Los Angeles basin.  

But let’s not push it toward Oxnard; they have spent the last half century trying to rid themselves of such plants.  With the leadership of Council and city staff, they organized citizens and hundreds turned out in opposition at an Energy Commission hearing held there.  

Contrasting Oxnard Council and City Manager leadership with that of ours is shocking.  Twenty-five or thirty local citizens with no monetary motive have spoken strongly against this plant.  Not a single local citizen has supported it.  Councilman Tovias was exposed lobbying an editor for it, but he is so far the only known supporter.  He deserves to be recalled.  Our Council and city manager have been aware of the issue for years. They are finally asking some questions but remain otherwise quiet as church mice.  The Energy Commission may just dump it on us while council members fidget.

For residents of Santa Paula, Fillmore, and the entire Santa Clara Valley, this is a serious health, and quality of life issue.  A former Director of Ventura County APCD has repeatedly warned about air pollution from this plant.  Damage to community perception is always serious; property values in communities with such facilities are invariably lower.  With Limoniera about to start construction of what may be the largest development in the history of Ventura County, one would think stockholders would be asking whether potential buyers will want to move their families four miles downwind of an air polluting power plant.  Would you buy a new home downwind of such a facility?

Let’s stop pretending.  For Calpine, Limoniera, and Edison, it’s all about money—with millions of dollars for each.  Limoniera offers charity to the city if they can only sell their recycled water, carbon credits, and an easement to this polluter.  Are we willing to sell the image of our city, health of our children, grandchildren, and the children of our neighbors for Limoniera “charity”?  That is the question. 

Delton Lee Johnson

Santa Paula

The Right Brand of Leadership

 To the Editor:

I am supporting Martin Hernandez for Supervisor. I would ask that you do too.  There are many committed voices in this race. The role of supervisor demands a special portfolio of leadership; I believe that Martin is the best choice from the field.

In conflict, he invites people to dialogue. In difficult and competing priorities, he looks to the long term. In community, he always looks to a voice of middle ground, common good and commonplace; for the whole community.

 This is the kind of work that I appreciate in political leadership; a calm head, a quiet voice of collaboration, a willingness to get to yes.

 To that end, I would like to ask your support for Martin and to get us to yes, Martin Hernandez for Supervisor in the 3rd District.

 Bill Bartels


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