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May 20, 2016

Martin Hernandez is the right leader for the Third District

To the Editor:

As someone who has personally worked alongside Martin Hernandez, the Chief of Staff for retiring Third District Supervisor Kathy Long, for almost 15 years, I have decided to give my full support for Mr. Hernandez to succeed Supervisor Long.

In a crowded field of approximately seven candidates, I firmly believe that Martin Hernandez is the most qualified person to continue the work of Kathy Long as the outgoing Third District Supervisor. As a representative of the Ventura County agricultural industry for almost 39 years, I have had numerous opportunities to work with Mr. Hernandez on a variety of county issues, including reducing the chloride content of discharged water in the Santa Clara River, adoption of zoning regulations for farm labor housing, and numerous zoning and regulatory issues affecting farmers in their business operations. Throughout this entire time, I have found Mr. Hernandez to be very professional and an extremely qualified individual representing the interests of the constituents of the Third District.

I was recently encouraged by the personal endorsement of Supervisor Long of Martin Hernandez because I believe the citizens of the Third Supervisorial District in which I reside, need someone who will “hit the ground running”, not individuals looking for a placeholder for future state offices.

While many of the residents of the greater Camarillo area do not know Mr. Hernandez, he is very well known throughout the Santa Clara Valley and currently serves as the Mayor of Santa Paula. He is also a veteran, husband, father and grandfather. His experience and knowledge of the processes of the VC Board of Supervisors for over 15 years, working relationships with other incumbent supervisors, overseeing the operation of a city as its mayor, and his ability to listen to constituents and try to find commonsense bipartisan resolutions, deserves the vote of the residents of the Third Supervisorial District.

Robert P. Roy, President and General

Ventura County Agricultural Association Camarillo

Supporting Martin Hernandez

To the Editor:

I am supporting Martin Hernandez for Third District Supervisor. With a lot of people in politics or public service, the better you know them the less you like or respect them. My experience with Martin is just the opposite: the more I know him, the more I like and respect him.

Martin has the most extensive, relevant experience of any candidate. Martin’s spent years as a medical first responder, a drug and alcohol counselor, and as manager of a facility that provided services to families in distress. He has served Supervisor Kathy Long for 15 years, more than 5 years as chief of staff. His responsibilities have included the issues that are important to all of us: public safety, healthcare, preservation of agriculture, clean water, etc. He has worked with every department at the County, and has strong working relationships with staff and agency heads. Martin knows what works, and what needs work.

The public who call a County Supervisor’s office are often distressed. The Supervisor is their last hope to resolve a problem, or they just don’t know who to call. Handling these calls requires enormous patience and compassion, and Martin has demonstrated both. As Supervisor, he will ensure that his office reflects those values, and treats the public with fairness and respect.

Transitioning from staff person to elected official can be difficult. Martin has been a City Councilmember and Mayor in Santa Paula for the last 3 1≈Ω2 years, and has already made that transition. Martin is ready, now, to be your County Supervisor.

Remember to vote for Martin Hernandez in the June primary to make sure he is on the November ballot!

Mary Ann Krause

Former Deputy to Supervisor Kathy Long, and Former Mayor of Santa Paula

Martin Hernndez a man of honor

To the Editor:

My wife and I met Martin Hernandez 17 years ago when we were going through some personal life struggles.  We had been looking for solutions and support while facing what was ahead of us.  When we met Martin we were impressed by his calm and collective manner, we knew right off he was genuine and what we had been looking for in support and wisdom.

Martin was wonderful to my wife and I. He was there for us in a professional manner, but also opened his heart and home to us on a personal level. Over time, our relationship evolved into a strong bond and friendship.  Martin continues to demonstrate to me what a man living in his truth and integrity looks like. Whenever I am around him, I am impressed and reminded on how important it is to respect everyone around us whether they are the janitor or CEO.

My wife and I are asking you to support Martin Hernandez for Supervisor, Third District because he embodies the qualities of a leader. Martin is here to serve his constituents and is grounded in the principals of Humility, Respect, Honesty and Integrity.  In addition, Martin is committed to the Third District and is the only candidate that has the experience necessary to provide our neighborhoods and communities with best representation possible.

Martin will influence real change.  My wife and I know this first hand because of the influence he has had in our lives. As a leader in our lives, he guided us from our past struggles and into more positive, productive, loving, and successful life that has allowed us to contribute more of our time to our family and community.

Martin Hernandez is the RIGHT AND ONLY Leader for Ventura County Supervisor, Third District. Vote for Martin Hernandez on June 7.

Jose and Brigette Rodriguez

Santa Paula

Support for 

Mike Morgan

To the Editor:

Mike Morgan thrives on interaction and has more energy than any other person I know.  He directs that energy to what he thinks will make our community a better place.  

For example, shortly after he was first elected in 1980 it was Mike Morgan who formed the group that wrote and promoted Measure A, Camarillo‚ “Growth Control Initiative,” which was overwhelmingly passed by the people.  A couple of years after that he formed the Camarillo Arts Council and collected money and materials to build the pavilion in Constitution Park, where thousands still enjoy concerts every summer.  He later took over the Camarillo Fiesta and converted it from a sleepy, local birthday celebration to a huge street fair with carnival rides and solid entertainment.  

Many people don’t know that Mike and is wife, Donna, owned and operated a deli in Camarillo, and he has had other experience in businesses, large and small, so he understands the problems that local businesses endure. 

Mike is fluent in Spanish and also speaks Chinese 

I have served with Mike Morgan on the Camarillo City Council for almost 30 years, and have never seen another Councilmember spend so much time getting out and feeling the pulse of the community, or coming up with as many ideas for improving Ventura County, as Mike Morgan. 

Please join me in voting for Mike Morgan for Ventura County Supervisor, 3rd District.

Charlotte Craven,

Camarillo City Councilmember

Vote Martin 


To the Editor:

To Every Voter in the Supervisor’s 3rd District 

I am pleased to have this opportunity to say a few words about Martin Hernandez. I first met Martin about three years ago at the neighborhood watch barbecue party. He was our councilman at the time, since then I have attended the meeting where Martin was a guest speaker for his candidacy. I support Martin for 3rd District Supervisor, I have listened to the platforms of the other candidates and their qualification and experience for the 3rd District Supervisor position. I believe that Martin is the right choice for this position. Why? Because I see his integrity and honesty. He is also a very down to earth person. I see he has a servant’s heart for people and shows concern and listens across the board from young people, adults and our seniors. I also witnessed the respect and admiration of the staff members he works with. Martin is a son of a migrant farm worker, his father worked in the fields of Ventura County. He has committed to work hard for our most vulnerable population for Veterans, Seniors, to address the needs of the homeless. I acknowledge Martin’s hard work and dedication; he is the right choice as 3rd District Supervisor 


Rosalie Carabajal

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