Jackson again refuses to provide relief for motorists

April 05, 2000
Santa Paula News

Robin Sullivan, Candidate for the California 35th Assembly District, refunds the state sales tax to a customer at the West Carrillo Union 76 Gas Station in Santa Barbara, Friday, March 31. Sullivan along with Assemblyman Tony Strickland (37th Assembly District) and Assemblyman Abel Maldonado (33rd Assembly District) were demonstrating the need for state action to lower the state sales tax on gasoline. Motorists that stopped for gas were refunded 15 cents per gallon.

Despite taxpayer rally outside State Capitol, Hannah-Beth Jackson calls discussion of gas tax relief “pandering” Despite hundreds of California taxpayers and motorists rallying at the State Capitol March 30 for an elimination of the state sales tax on gasoline, Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth Jackson refused for a third time to support relief for taxpayers paying high prices for gas. Even more startling, Jackson rudely dismissed the efforts to lower gasoline prices, calling the effort “pandering” in a vitriolic Assembly Floor speech.“Hannah-Beth Jackson has now had three opportunities to give relief to consumers by eliminating the sales tax on gasoline, which is responsible for about fifteen cents of every gallon of gas consumers purchase today. Each time, she has refused,” said Robin Sullivan, a Santa Paula City Councilwoman and the Republican nominee for the 35th Assembly District. “She also opposed the plan earlier this year to dedicate the revenues from the sales tax on gas to transportation programs only. The state of California has a surplus approaching $10 billion, and she still wants the money for general government programs. I think that’s wrong.”Sullivan also expressed dismay over Jackson’s Assembly Floor speech in which she called the debate of gas tax relief for consumers, “pandering.”
“I am also concerned about Assemblywoman Jackson’s continued use of demagoguery in public debates,” continued Sullivan. “Our Central Coast has an outstanding tradition of moderate, consensus-building legislators who have tried to raise the public discourse. Legislators such as Brooks Firestone who might disagree with you on an issue, but who never belittled their opponents.“Assemblywoman Jackson must find it in herself to understand that people who support giving relief to consumers are not ‘pandering.’ She may disagree, but her inflammatory language and habit of belittling opponents just makes it hard to find a solution for the consumer. It makes her an ineffective legislator for the people of the Central Coast,” continued Sullivan. “Maybe because she had no prior service in nonpartisan, local government, she does not have the practical experience of working with colleagues to reach a consensus and address the needs of her constituents.”

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