$90K: Santa Paulan's dreams fulfilled by lucky spin on Lotto Dream Machine

April 21, 2000
Santa Paula News
Louis Vasquez had a big dream and that dream led to big money: Vasquez, a Santa Paula resident, spun his way to riches with the California Lottery’s Big Spin 2000 Dream Machine and won a whopping $90,000. Vasquez won the money on Sunday, March 26 with his wife, children, grandchildren and other relatives on hand to cheer him on; the broadcast of his lucky spin will be on Saturday, April 29th, on KCAL Los Angeles Channel 9 at 7 p.m.“It was really fun,” said his daughter-in-law Sally Vasquez of Santa Paula.“It was awesome, so exciting,” when Louis played the Fantasy Five Dream Machine Game, she added.Fantasy Five contestants are chosen by mailed in Quick Picks. . .there are no losers as contestants are guaranteed to win at least $10,000. Top prize is $150,000.“It uses five balls that drop into slots,” and has a complication win-lose formula. Vasquez was able to use all five balls and come up with the $90,000 windfall. “It was so much fun,” said Vasquez. “We were just screaming for him, we were just so excited and couldn't believe it when he won, we were in awe.”A 32-year public works employee at the Port Hueneme Naval Base, Vasquez already has plans for the money.
“He's helping us buy a home. . .he just wants to help his kids out and see us all happy,” said Vasquez, who is married to Louis Vasquez Jr.Other Vasquez children are Carmela and Melena Valerio and there are eight grandchildren. “They get to pick a toy or whatever they want. . .Grandpa will get them something really special he said.”Louis and his wife Alice are natives of Ventura County and longtime residents of Santa Paula, where Alice grew up.“We're all delighted, delighted and so excited. . .it's so exciting I don't we'll ever really get over it,” said Sally Vasquez.

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