The Korean War Memorial, located in Veterans Park, was the scene for the Korean War Veterans to recognize the end of the war 53 years ago. Wreaths were layed last Saturday in honor of those who died and those that survived during the conflict. Photo by Don Johnson

End of Korean War recognized

August 02, 2006
Santa Paula News
The 53rd Anniversary of the end of the Korean War was recognized at a special commemorative event last Saturday at Veterans Memorial Park. Korean War Veterans of Ventura County Chapter 56 marked the July 27, 1953 end of the war with a patriotic ceremony to ensure that those that died and those that survived the war are not forgotten.One of the first episodes of the Cold War the Korean War drew a United Nations force - including the United States - who battled Communist forces after North Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel and invaded South Korea.About 37,000 Americans were killed with the majority of losses incurred during the first year of the war.Wreaths and flowers for loved one’s who served in the Korean War were placed at the Korean War Memorial.The ceremony started with the Posting of the Four Flags (American, MIA, California State and KWVA Chapter 56) followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Cmdr. Lopez and Invocation.
Korean War Veterans Ventura County Chapter 56 also presented the complete wartime burial ceremony for deceased veterans.The segment included an introduction of the chapter, the chapter’s prayer and the poignant Stars and Stripes Folding Ceremony during which the significance of each fold of the American flag is explained.There was a 21-gun Salute, “Seven riflemen each firing three shots...our final goodbye is the playing of ‘Taps’ by our bugler” Rudy Arellano.

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