Letters to the Editor

October 26, 2007
Impressed and grateful To the Editor:Sunday the 21st of October was one heck of a day wasn’t it? With things burning all around us we had a situation that we witnessed from our home that we thought all Santa Paulans should be aware of. Around seven o’clock Sunday morning, my husband called me from the orchard and told me there was a fire on South Mountain.We live about 1 ½ miles east of Santa Paula on Highway 126, so I had a good view of the fire straight across the valley from our home. It wasn’t a big fire, but flames were clearly visible and growing. With the wind blowing the way it was I had the thought a lot of Santa Paulans have had… that one’s going to burn all the way to Saticoy.But I’ve got to tell you what I witnessed then. There were 2 trucks up at the fire that I could see, one a Santa Paula Fire Department vehicle, and the other I believe was a Ventura County truck, correct me please if I’m wrong. Whoever these heroes were (and I’d love to know), they got above that fire and drowned it from above. I was impressed and grateful, as I think all Santa Paulans should be. While a lot of people were snug in their homes watching the devastation elsewhere, there were heroes on South Mountain.To them I say Thank You for all that you do, whether we see it done or not.Ginny ReedSanta PaulaThe American wayTo the Editor: Each of us need to thank Mayor Ray Luna and council members Ralph Fernandez and Bob Gonzalez who voted to allow four companies to submit competitive bids and plans to build our new waste water treatment plant. Paying for this essential plant will become an enormous burden.   Costs would have been far lower if the previous council had acted.  But additional competition now makes sense, and the action of council members Luna, Fernandez, and Gonzalez are almost certain to result in a better facility at reduced cost.  It is difficult to understand the thinking of council members Aguirre and Procter who insisted upon allowing only two companies to compete. Maximum competition is essential to our free enterprise system.  Competition is the American way.
Delton Lee JohnsonSanta PaulaThanks for givingTo the Editor:Soroptimist is an international volunteer organization for business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world.Soroptimists of Santa Paula were walking Main Street once again to help bring awareness to the fact that heart disease is the Number 1 killer of women in the United States. Over the lunch hour the women, dressed in red and handing out red flowers to donors, along with a 50 cent discount coupon for a slice of pumpkin pie at the Pumpkin Patch Pie Shack, collected over $477 in donations that will be given to the American Heart Association.SI of Santa Paula is still collecting donations and any amount is welcome and appreciated. All donations can be mailed to SISP, P.O. Box 966, Santa Paula, CA 93061. Checks can be made out to the American Heart Association.SISP would like to thank the following businesses and individuals who donated during the lunchtime walk: John Nichols - John Nichols Gallery, Bailey’s Vacuum Center, Tisa’s Salon & Spa, Santa Paula Super Store, Joanna Lindsay – Allstate Insurance, Anita Pulido – RE/MAX, Vince’s, 98 Cent Most Items Store, Jess Victoria, Santa Clara Valley Bank employees, McCoy’s Automotive, Bernise Suniga and Mario Torres – Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, Mike Kelley and Theresa Badour – Edward Jones, Sandy Veloz – Merle Norman, Bob Jones Ranch, Rio Mesa Farms, and individuals along Main Street.Thank you.Peggy HigginsSanta Paula

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