Workers roll out the new sod at Teague Park on Tuesday. The field is currently closed and will be through May. (Photo by Don Johnson)

Teague Park Soccer Field receives new Sod

March 28, 2008
The Teague Park soccer field is closed through May, but when it reopens it will be with a new irrigation system and quality sod, a hybrid Bermuda grass that is capable of professional sports turf performance yet manageable for the city. The rehabilitation of the park was approved by the City Council at its December 17, 2007 meeting. The new sod was installed this past week, according to Community Services Director Brian Yanez. Though sod replacement at the park has been done in the past, Yanez noted that this was the first time the city had replaced the 35-year-old irrigation system and installed a “quality sod.”GN-1 Hybrid Bermuda is described as an “ideal sports turf grass with excellent performance for football, soccer, and baseball fields, as well as golf fairways and tees. With lower maintenance requirements than Santa Ana or Tifway grasses, GN-1 is a great alternative where reductions in equipment, manpower, and budgets have reduced overall turf maintenance programs.”
Community Services staff will be working with youth and adult soccer leagues that are permitted to use Teague Park when it is reopened. “We need to build a strong relationship so that we can continue to have a quality soccer field,” Yanez said. “I need for all our users to take ownership” in helping the City maintain the Teague Park soccer field at its best; “I believe that together we can have a great sports field for years to come.”

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