SPMH installs officers, awards Auxiliary volunteerism

October 13, 2000
Santa Paula News
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesThe Santa Paula Memorial Hospital Auxiliary rewarded volunteers - including one who has given a whopping 6,500 hours to the hospital - and installed its new Board of Directors at its recent annual luncheon.Carolyn Lasky is the new President of the Auxiliary, which provides an array of services at the Hospital on the Hill, including operation of the Pink Parasol Gift Shoppe, the Auxiliary’s primary fundraiser. In turn, the Auxiliary presents a monetary gift to SPMH each year, designating its use. This year $27,300 was donated to install electronic doors at the hospital, among other uses specified by the Auxiliary.Dottie Armbruster said she would use “Tools of a seamstress,” to install the board, and her imaginative comparisons of duties to the most simple sewing devices left the audience in stitches.Other officers installed were First Vice President Alice Mensing, Second Vice President Jean Dempsey, Recording Secretary Shirley Wirls, Corresponding Secretary Eloise Eakins and Treasurer Lucille Morgan.
Outgoing President Lavonne Deeter said, “It’s been a joy to serve two years,” leading the volunteer efforts that include sewing pillows, clown puppets and newborn stocking caps; Stock Night baby tours of the hospital for expectant parents; serve as floor volunteers as well as staffing the Pink Parasol, among other Auxiliary duties.Founded in 1963-64, the Auxiliary volunteers count their service in hours: from Sept. 1, 1999 through Aug. 31, 2000, volunteers contributed over 7,570 hours to the hospital.Polly Cochran has proven to be SPMH most dedicated volunteer: she was awarded a 6,500 Hour Bar to mark her service, the most of any Auxiliary member and thousands of hours ahead of the next level of volunteer hours.Other bars were awarded to: Martha Knight and Jane Wigley for 4,500 hours of service; Lawanda Campbell, 4,000 hours; Pauline Hair and Carolyn Lasky, 3,000 Hour Bars; 2,000 Hour Bars, Shirley Hanneman, Penny Buettner, Wanda Sigler; 1,200 Hour Bars, Dottie Armbruster, Evelyn Charlesworth, Shirley Wirls, Lavonne Deeter; 1,000 Hour Bars, Jean Dempsey, Eloise Eakins, Cuma Lonon; 700 Hour Bars, Bobbie Barker, Maxine Spraklen, Trish Greene, Edith Smith; 500 Hour Bars, Alice Mensing, Madeline Ricards, Annette Subic, Vera Marostica; 200 Hour Bars, Lois Keast, Nedra Ball, JoAnne Runnels, Millie Korth, Angie Marshall, Clara Behrens; 100 Hour Bars, Susan Medina, Rosalie Easton and Angie Marshall.

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