Ladies of the United Methodist Church prepare for their annual Bazaar and Soup Kitchen, coming up Saturday, October 11 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (l-r) Nadyne Macom, Susan Elder, Molly Burgett and Joy Cooper. Granny’s Attic has something new this year: the opportunity to win a special handcrafted quilt (pictured above). (Photo by Brian D. Wilson)

Win a handmade quilt at Bazaar, Soup Kitchen & Granny’s Attic

October 08, 2008
Santa Paula News
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesThe Women of First United Methodist Church’s Annual Bazaar, Soup Kitchen and Granny’s Attic has something new this year: the opportunity to win a special handcrafted quilt.The Saturday, October 11 event will be held at the church, located at 133 N. Mill St., from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., with the ever-popular Soup Kitchen open from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. A delicious lunch of homemade soup, roll, pie and beverage is only $7.50, or “You can just get pie and a beverage for $4,” said Billie Ann Moore.The quilt, according to Billie Ann, has a close ties to the church. Carol Hardison, whose parents were the Rev. Harold and Elva Essert, donated the scraps that Joy Cooper turned into the quilt. “Reverend Essert was the pastor of the church for a long time,” said Billie, and Elva was a famed quilt maker.Joy also has close ties to the church, as her daughter Sharon married the now retired Rev. Richard McPherson, who Sharon first met when he was the youth pastor at the church. The quilt is “almost like a history of the church in a way... the pattern is Hidden Wells, red and white and blue,” and what Billie Ann said is “very appropriate for this time of the year with the election. And, the quilt is very pretty... Joyce is a wonderful quilt maker.”Quilt raffle tickets will be sold at the Bazaar, six for $5 or $1 each. Tickets are also available by calling Joy at 525-4604 or the church office at 525-2214.
Each year the church hall is filled with hundreds of people who flock to the Bazaar, Soup Kitchen and Granny’s Attic. The Bazaar will offer Halloween, fall and Christmas decorations, with Granny’s Attic offering all sorts of “trash and treasures.” Fresh produce, dolls, needlecraft, tea towels, Bake Sale and more guarantee that no one leaves empty handed, and certainly not with an empty stomach if people take advantage of the Soup Kitchen.“My job is to make aprons,” and Billie Ann said she enjoys many other facets of the event. “I enjoy the whole thing, the baked goods, the hand work, the tremendous Christmas area for ornaments and wreaths. Our afghan makers and needle workers are wonderful,” and the artistic handiwork of those who participate in the event is notable.“The women,” noted Billie, “work really hard on it.” And Granny’s Attic is also “amazing... I always regretted that I didn’t buy a Revere sauce pan - with a lid! - that was only $1,” a bargain Billie Ann said is a fraction of the cost for a new piece of the famous cookware.And not only is the Bazaar, Soup Kitchen and Granny’s Attic a wonderful place to shop and eat, but it’s “also a real social event,” said Billie Ann. “People really look forward to coming. The Women of First United Methodist Church work really hard at it, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone,” many who have returned to the event year after year for more than a quarter of a century.

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