Teachers honored by SPFT

September 15, 1999
Santa Paula News
Although the Santa Paula Elementary School District is proud of all of its teachers in the District, each year the Santa Paula Federation of Teachers chooses teachers that stand a little taller then the rest. This year, three teachers were selected for their dedication to their students and to the teaching profession and their contributions to education. Hannah-Beth Jackson, assemblymember, of the 35th district, was on hand to honor the three recipients and to present them with plaques and certificates at the District welcome back gathering at the Community Center on August 27. Honorees are Jackie Kwasny, Bedell Elementary, Roger Stillman, Isbell Middle School, and Teresa Trujillo, from Webster.Jackie Kwasny:Kwasny has bee with the District 13 years. During that time, she has demonstrated her deft teaching ability while inspiring others with her enthusiasm and dedication to her students and to her profession. Kwasny reaches out to every student in her classroom, individualizing her instruction and creating a learning environment that promotes confidence and success. As a mentor teacher, she has been an outstanding role model for both new and veteran teachers. She has far surpassed the hourly commitment required of mentor teachers with a willingness to work on projects that benefit new teachers and their students.In addition, Kwasny is a much sought after third-grade teacher at Bedell, and has served on numerous school site and curriculum committees. Over the years, Kwasny has been an active union member participating in negotiations. Most recently, she has been invaluable in sharing her knowledge and expertise in developing a Peer Assistance and Review Program for the district. She is a treasure to her students, peers, school, and community.Roger Stillman:Stillman has been with the District 26 years. He is a dedicated, creative, motivated and motivating teacher at Isbell Middle School. One of Stillman's true passions is for science, which he readily communicates to his students. Stillman's caring shines through to his students with his patience and commitment to them and their education.His commitment does not end in the classroom. Stillman enjoys assisting his fellow teachers, sharing the latest developments in the field of science, and passing on recent findings and new research.As a mentor teacher, he created an outstanding newsletter for all teachers in the district that is filled with ideas designed to make teaching science easier and more interesting for both students and teachers. As department chair, he has been in charge of curriculum, science lab supplies and materials, coordinating district and state expectations, and inservicing teachers during staff development days.
Stillman is also an active member of the union. He has never been afraid to take a stand or speak out on issues of justice and fair play involving students or teachers.Teresa Trujillo:Trujillo is a dedicated teacher with a genuine love of children that has been a valuable educator in the District for 16 years. A product of the Santa Paula school system Trujillo returned to give back to the community some of what the community gave to her. Trujillo's expertise is bilingual education, teaching English as a second language and sheltered instruction.As a positive role model to her students, she inspires them to do their best and make education a priority.Trujillo is also a master reading and mentor teacher at Barbara Webster, as well as a member of the technology committee. Her work with children goes beyond the classroom. She expends a good portion of her energy to the children with the coordination and teaching of Webster's Mexican Folk Dance Group. Adding to Trujillo's accomplishments she has taught migrant Saturday school and summer school, as well as being involved in after school activities. When an activity involves children Trujillo will be there.Trujillo is also an active member in several community programs that involve children, including youth programs at church and AYSO. Trujillo is a woman of action, energy, sincerity, and confidence.

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