Dryer fire results in boy being transported to the hospital

December 23, 2009
Santa Paula News

An unidentified 15-year-old boy was transported to the hospital Friday after he extinguished a dryer fire, according to a Santa Paula Fire Department spokesman. 

Captain Milo Bustillos said the fire was reported December 18 at about 4:53 p.m., and Engine 81 was dispatched to Sheppard Road.

Upon arrival, firefighters observed light smoke coming from the single-family residence, where they found the fire had been extinguished by a juvenile who had “put it out using buckets of water.” The boy is asthmatic and experienced breathing problems from the fire fight, noted Bustillos. Santa Paula Fire EMTs and AMR Paramedics treated the boy on scene before he was transported to Santa Paula Hospital “to be checked out.”

Engine 82 also was called to the scene where the fire did not cause damage, other than to the dryer unit itself, Bustillos said. “I would imagine that the fire resulted from lint buildup... that’s how most of them start.” Engines 81 and 82 remained on scene until about 5:30 p.m.

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