Musical theatre class in Fillmore

April 02, 2010
Santa Paula News

This 1 1/2 hour class will meet weekly on Saturday mornings 11 - 12:30.

Learn all aspects of musical theatre by a professional director/choreographer. Sign up now to perform in an exciting summer stage musical. (Location of the class TBA.)

Students will be trained in dance, acting, voice, audition prep and stage performing. Cost for this 1 1/2 hour class is $55 a month. $5 off for siblings.

Expert training right here, close to home! You can’t go wrong... save your gas money and learn from the very best! Right here in your own backyard!

Expand your horizons through the arts! It has been said that children involved in the arts do better in math and language. Moms have verified this.... On occasion I’ll hear, “My child has been doing so much better in school since taking the actor’s workshop”, another class offered weekly here in town. Indeed, this has been a well-known fact, children’s self-esteem just gets better and better!  Learning in a fun environment and making friends is essential to the growth of our youth.  

Give your children the chance to express themselves through performing arts and watch your precious little flowers bloom and grow!  

For information on this upcoming newly formed musical theatre class or the ongoing actors workshop class taught by Hollywood acting coach Stephen Burhoe, please call: Priscilla  (805) 524-0553 or (805) 794-6228 or email

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