Week nine results for Santa Paula Little League

May 21, 2010

Major Standings

1. Orioles 13-6

1. White Sox 13-6

3. Indians 10-9

4. Yankees 7-10-1

5. Dodgers 3-15-1

White Sox 10,_Indians 0

Winning Pitchers: Daniel Garcia

Top Hitters: Indians: Steven Chavez 1-1 sngl; Thomas Bustos 1-2 sngl; Rocky Frutos 1-2 sngl. White Sox: Isaac Ramirez 2-2 sngl, dbl, 2 RBIís; Damien Pulido 2-3 dngle, dbl, 2 RBIís; Danile Garcia 1-2 trpl, 2 RBIís; Luis Magana 1-2 dbl.† Player of the Game: Daniel Garcia

Orioles 7, Dodgers 3_

Winning Pitcher: Jordan Mendoza, Andres Cabera † Save: Angel Childs

Top Hitters: Orioles: Angel Childs 2 dbls, trpl; Andres Cabera 2 dbls, sngl; Daniel Alacala sngl; Bernard Bracamontes sngl. Dodgers: Sammy Bagdatian sngl; Alex Rodriguez sngl; Joey Aguilar sngl.

White Sox 9, Yankees 7_Winning Pitcher: AJ Prado

Top Hitters: White Sox: Michael Shaney felt sngl; AJ Prado 2 sngls.† Yankees: Jesse Graham sngl; Eddie Rabago sngl, dbl; Tony Contreras 2 sgnls, dbl; Isaac Zavala sngl, trpl; Charlie Coughlin sngl.

Orioles 6, Indians 0_

Winning Pitcher: Johnny Henderson

Top Hitters: Orioles: Jordan Mendoza sngl; Andres Cabrera sngl; Angel Childs dbl, sngl.† Player of the Game: Johnny Henderson 13 strike out shut out!

Yankees 2, Dodgers 0_

Winning Pitcher: Tony Contreras

Top Hitters: Yankees: Isaac Zavala dbl; Tony Contreras 2 trpls; Charlie Caughlin snlg. Dodgers: Alex Rodriquez sngl; Joey Aguilar sngl.† Game went 8 innings scoreless. Stevie Ray Padilla of the Dodgers had 12 strike outs. † Player of the Game: Tony Contreras 14 strikeouts, 1 walk.

Minor A Standings

1. Marlins 16-2

2. Reds 11-7-1

3. Giants 8-11

3. Mets 6-13

5. Blue Jays 4-12-1

Reds 10,_Mets 7

Winning Pitchers: Bryce ďTankĒ Garcia.† Top Hitters: Reds: Carlos Gomez sngl, 2 RBIís; Cisco Lomax 2 sngls, 2 RBIís; Chris Ayala sngl. Mets: David Arguellas sngl, trpl 4 RBIís; Andrew Osuna sngl, RBI; Robert Reyes sngl, RBI.

Marlins 6, Giants 5

8-8 tie continued from 4/27/09_Reds 10, Blue Jays 9 _

Top Hitters: Blue Jays: AJ Gomez sngl; Mark Cortez HOMERUN! 2RBIís; Pj Villa dbl. Reds: Nicolas Cerda sngl; Christopher Ayala sngl; Bryan Penuelas dbl, sngl 2RBIís; Bodde Stewart dbl, RBI.† Between the teams pitchers, Reds: B. Gracia/B. Stewart & Blue Jays: A Garcia/A. Baer,† there were 26 strikeouts! No wonder it was a tie.† Cisco Lomax, a day after his birthday, hit a game winning 2 RBI dbl. Happy Birthday KID!

Reds 8, Blue Jays 0

Winning Pitchers: Bryce ďTankĒ Garcia

Top Hitters: Reds: Nicolas Cerda dbl, RBI; Christopher Ayala 2 sngl; Bodde Stewart sngl; Carlos Gomez dble, RBI; Bryce Garcia dbl, 2RBI; Tito Mendez sngl; Daniel Navarro sngl; Cisco Lomax sngl, RBI. Blue Jays: Pj Villa sngl; Alan Baer sngl; Andrew Garcia sngl; Elijah Zizumbo sngl; Aron Del Rio 2 sngls .

Marlins 16, Mets 2

Blue Jays 12, Giants 8

Winning Pitchers: PJ Villa † Save: Alan Baer

Top Hitters: Blue Jays: Aaron Del Rio 3-3, 3 RBIís; Alan Baer HOMERUN! 2-3, 3 RBIís; Andres Perez 1-2 singl, 3 RBIís; PJ Villa 1-2; Mark Cortez 1-2; Elijah Zizumbo 1-3, RBI. Giants: Jeremiah Sanchez 1-2, trpl, 3 RBIís; Jonathan Reyes 1-2, RBI; Tobin Fincher 1-2, dble, RBI; Dylan Johnson 1-2, RBI.† Player of the Game: Aaron Del Rio.

Minor B Standings

1. Dodgers 12-1

1. Nationals 12-2

3. Rangers 7-6

4. Mariners 7-8

5. Cardinals 5-10

6. Diamond Backs 4-8

7. Rockies 0-10

Dodgers 17, Rockies 4

Winning Pitcher: Gabriel Martinez

Top Hitters: Dodgers: Michael Marquez 2sngl; Leo Covino 2trpl 6 RBIís; Gabriel Martinez 2 sngls, 2 RBIís; Carter Johnson trpl, RBI; Josiah Rico dbl; Christian Rico sngl, 2 RBIís; Ernie Lopez trpl, RBI; Dante Burney Mata sngl, 2 RBIís; Noah Hilles sngl.† Rockies: Antonio Ramirez sngl; Destiny Rabago sngl; Connor Tushla sngl; Andrew Arroyo trpl, 3 RBIís.

Diamond Backs 5, Rangers 3

Nationals 17, Cardinals 7

Top Hitters: Nationals: Marcus Chavez HOMERUN! Frankie ďBubbaĒ Sigala dbl; Cardinals: Jorge Torres dbl.

Mariners 18, Rockies 5_

Winning Pitcher: Chase Stewart

Top Hitters: Mariners: Johnathan Claudio trpl; Isaih Navarro sngl; Antonino Fiorentino trpl; Xavier Glen sngl; Konner Donnely sngl; Santos Valdez sngl; Roman Espino sngl. Rockies: Nico Diaz sngl; Destiny Rabago trpl...girl power! Antonio Ramirez trpl.

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