Letters to the Editor

July 30, 2010

Mupu is back

To the Editor:

Mupu Grill has the best burger in town, bar none!

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, my husband said he wanted to buy me lunch. So we headed downtown to our local favorite to find it was closed. Standing there and contemplating where to eat, we decided to give Mupu another chance.

With all of their sandwiches you get a choice of French fries, sweet potato fries, coleslaw or house salad. I chose the salad. It was delicious, made with fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumber and Mupu’s delicious version of Thousand Island dressing. Next were our burgers, the best part. My husband had a hamburger with all the fixings. It was thick and juicy with the best potato bun, of which the meat surpassed in size. It was served with fresh lettuce, tomato and red onion adding to the flavor of the well-seasoned Angus beef. I had a Patty Melt, even though my idea for lunch was to have a good ol’ fashioned cheeseburger. But it sounded so good I had to go for it. The Patty Melt is made with the same awesome Angus beef seasoned just right. The huge patty with onions sautéed to perfection was served on delicious rye bread, grilled perfectly and oh so juicy.

We had the opportunity to speak to the chef on duty, Mario Sedano Jr. We asked how long they had the new menu and he said 9 months. We were surprised. Here we could have been mixing it up a little with our choices of eateries all that time! The kitchen staff is made up of Mario Sedano Jr., Steve RoadHamer, Monica Hernandez and Maura Bruno. Bill Shiells (one of the owners and manager) and the kitchen staff worked together to create this new menu using a higher quality of food (i.e. Angus Beef among other things). They seem to be the winning combination that the Mupu needed.

To be continued.

Okay back to my story. Just writing this article about the food made my mouth water, so I had to take a break and go directly to the Mupu for lunch!

This time I went for the good ol’ fashion cheeseburger today. It was just as delicious as my husband’s burger, but better because it had cheese. My husband ordered the French Dip with the horseradish spread from the Tri Tip Sandwich. It was excellent, thinly sliced, tender tri tip on a fresh French roll. To me, if you don’t have good bread for the sandwich, no matter how good the ingredients are, it makes for a bad sandwich. Apparently the chefs and owner at Mupu agree. The potato bun, rye bread and French roll were all top notch.

We had the pleasure of meeting Bill Shiells. He was there delivering the prime rib for their Friday Night Prime Rib special. According to Adam Neale, our server and awesome bartender, they sold out of their Prime Rib last Friday by 7:00. So if you want the Prime Rib, I suggest reservations and/or arrive early.

While speaking with Mr. Shiells, he mentioned that Mario had perfected the Vanilla Crème Brûlèe. Well now, this is my favorite dessert of all time. Bill graciously sent out an order and I ate it ALL. It was fabulous. Warm, smooth, perfectly caramelized with a fabulous strawberry rose in the center.

The lunch menu has Appetizers, Soup and Chili, Salads, Burgers and Sandwiches, and Entrées that include Ribeye and New York steaks. There is pasta and a couple of meals for Kid’s and of course the Dessert menu.

The dinner menu has Appetizers, Soup and Chili, Salads, all of the Entrées on the lunch menu plus Swordfish, Grilled Salmon, Mupu Meatloaf and Baby Back Ribs. There are more Pasta dishes and of course the dessert menu. Don’t worry, if you want a fabulous Burger or Sandwich they have those on the dinner menu too.

I am so happy for the staff and owners of Mupu and for Santa Paulans, we all now have one more fabulous restaurant and bar to enjoy.

Kellie Cameron

Santa Paula

RE: Request for proposals

To the Editor:

Again the City of Santa Paula has $25,000 when a consultant had been hired to see if refuse should be a private service but again no result.

What a waste of money that the City has used. Which could have been used towards the needed repair of our pothole streets which are many.

Georgia Jett

Santa Paula

RE: Mr. Castaneda’s letter of July 23

To the Editor:

Dear Mr. Castaneda:

Saint Paula, a woman with a huge heart, who is the namesake of our wonderful town, spent every moment, especially toward the end of her life—helping the poor. Would you call her a “Marxist”? Of course not!

I, for one, am grateful for all the sincere effort Dr. Gabino Aguirre has given to help make Santa Paula a better place for all who live here! And I will surely miss his presence on the City Council when his term is up! I also totally appreciate the correspondingly sincere effort of every other Council Member. As we all know-it’s not an easy job!

Please, Mr. Castaneda, treat every single human being who is on the City Council, even though you may not always agree with their ideas, with the dignity and the respect they are due-for their dedicated service!

And please remember, the battle we are all presently fighting is much larger then ourselves!

So be kind. Please be very kind. And have a great generosity of Spirit, for as we can all clearly see-Santa Paula is in dire need of healing!

Otherwise we should seriously consider giving our city a different name!

Nina Remensperger

Santa Paula

Attention all Santa Paulans (&  Others)

To the Editor:

Please stop by Brownie’s Basement and take a look at all the terrific gift ideas at bargain prices!

It’s also the only place to find just the right card. Their selection is unbelievable!

Let’s support this most attractive gift shop, we need it!

Gretchen Rogers

Santa Paula


To the Editor:

Last week in the letters to the editor I wanted to make sure all who were involved had a heart full of gratitude from us to them.   In wanting to make sure everyone knew of the Kiwanis Club thanks, I forgot to mention some very important people.

A special thanks to Santa Paula City Council who have been a co-sponsor of the Citrus Festival for the last 6 years and continue to support the Kiwanis Annual event.  Thanks to the following City Departments Santa Paula Police, Fire, Community Services, Public Works for their hard work before and during and after the event.. They could not know how important their involvement means to the club.

In wanting to recognize everyone I forgot to mention the above, for Kiwanis could not put on such an event without their help... and support.

Thank you again.

Janet Grant and Bill Grant

Santa Paula

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