Harrison Industries earns Climate Registered status

January 26, 2011
Santa Paula News

Harrison Industries has taken important steps to measure its carbon footprint and to help its client cities meet anticipated tight future regulations.

As a result, Harrison, one of the largest and oldest private trash-hauling companies in the U.S., has received the Climate Registered status, awarded to members of The Climate Registry that measure their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) according to the Registry’s rigorous voluntary reporting program.

The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization that operates the only carbon footprint registry in North America. “Becoming Climate Registered isn’t easy,” said former Executive Director Diane Wittenberg of The Climate Registry.  “These organizations have measured their GHG footprints with accuracy and transparency. No green-washing here; that’s real environmental leadership.”

Harrison provides service to over 80,000 customers with residential, commercial and industrial service in the County of Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Ventura, Ojai, Fillmore, Santa Paula and the City of Carpinteria in Santa Barbara County as well as the Channel Islands Beach Communities Service District. All customers are provided the opportunity to recycle over 17 different materials, including newsprint, glass, cardboard, plastic and paper products.

By understanding what emissions are being generated by the operations at Harrison and its business partner, Gold Coast Recycling and Transfer Station, the company can see where processes can improve and emissions can be reduced - through fleet fuel changes, energy efficiency at our offices and other management practices.

By choosing to voluntarily report, Harrison is staying ahead of the curve, anticipating potential impacts from new federal and state regulations, according to Evan Edgar, a Sacramento-based engineer and lobbyist for trash-hauling and recycling companies.

“Achieving the status of Climate Registered fortifies Harrison Industries’ commitment to the local community as an environmental leader,” Edgar said. “Not only does Harrison do the work of being collectors and promoters of recycling materials in the cities and towns it services, but Harrison also walks the talk by reporting its own corporate carbon emissions through the Climate Registry.”

Harrison has reported that its fleet and facilities emit the equivalent of about 11,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases in 2009, principally from fuel combustion and electricity, by the management of over 370,000 tons of solid waste.  However, Harrison also separates materials for recycling, and provides feedstock for composting and biomass energy generation.  Recycling reduces the demand for raw or virgin materials, while re-manufacturing with recycled materials generally reduces overall energy use.  These recycling activities provided a community benefit by facilitating the avoidance of over 222,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, according to a model created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“More recycling will lead to even greater greenhouse gas avoidance,” said Myron Harrison, vice president of Harrison Industries.

For more information about Harrison Industries, visit http://www.ejharrison.com

About Harrison Industries:

Harrison Industries was established in 1932 and is one of the oldest and largest privately owned trash collection businesses in the United States.  Our philosophy is that people should not have to think about trash or recycling and that the collection be simple as possible to help people “to do the right thing.” The Company motto, “Service is everything” has ensured success and longevity. Myra Harrison serves as founder. Her oldest son Ralph is president and her sons Jim and Myron serve as vice presidents.

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