SPPD: Dead man found in Fagan Barranca not a result of foul play

August 17, 2011
Santa Paula Police Department

Santa Paula Police responded to a call of a dead body Monday in the Fagan Barranca area.

According to SPPD Sgt. Ishmael Cordero, “It was not foul play,” that resulted in the death of the unidentified man who had a history of mental health issues.

The SPPD was notified at about 7 a.m. August 15 that a body had been discovered north side of the Fagan Barranca Bridge and police used caution tape to cordon off access to the creek at Santa Paula Street. 

Cordero said the deceased man’s family contacted the SPPD shortly after midnight Monday; the family called for assistance in locating the man and expressed concerns regarding his mental state and safety. 

Officers looked for the man but were unable to locate him.

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