Safe and Green Identity with SPCB Shred Day

October 19, 2011
Santa Paula News

Santa Paula Community Bank wants to help you protect your identity on Saturday, October 29th.

One of the easiest ways for criminals to steal your private identification information is to sift through your trash. Your credit card statements, old tax records and rental contracts all have the numbers and data they need wreck havoc with your credit. 

Santa Paula Community Bank will be hosting a Shred Day at its Harvard branch in the Vons Shopping Center next to Taco Bell. You can drive up between 9 a.m.  and 12 noon and you don’t even have to get out of the car. Your boxes will be unloaded and put directly in the shredder. You can watch and breathe easy knowing your identity is safe.

By shredding these documents, you can protect your identity and help the environment in the process. On a typical Shred Day the bank usually gathers four tons of paper to be shredded. The shredded paper is then recycled and made into new paper. For each ton (2,000 pounds) of paper shredded we are saving 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil and 7,000 gallons of water that would have been used to make the new paper.  When you multiply all that by the four, it is quite an impact for just a morning’s work.

Bring your boxes of old medical records, bank statements, tax documents (7 years or older) and even old phone books on October 29th.  (Please no plastic, CDs or cardboard; Maximum 5 boxes per carload) Questions? Just call Santa Paula Community Bank at (805) 525-5817.

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Call 805 525 1890 to receive the entire paper early. $50.00 for one year.