CHP conducts Special Enforcement Campaigns in February

March 07, 2012
Santa Paula News

In response to the increase in fatal traffic collisions in 2011 on freeways and county roads in western Ventura County, the Ventura Area CHP office conducted four special enforcement campaigns in February.

The CHP’s special enforcement campaigns focused primarily on the following violations:

* speed

* following too closely 

* unsafe lane change 

* DUI 

* distracted driving (cell phone and texting) 

* seatbelt and child safety seat violations

Ventura Area CHP officers issued 487 citations during the enforcement campaigns which were conducted on February 14, 16, 23, and 28.  “The CHP will continue to utilize increased enforcement in conjunction with public education and awareness in our ongoing efforts to reduce fatalities, injuries and property damage resulting from traffic collisions,” said Captain Bob Ghiglieri, commander of the Ventura Area CHP office.

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