School board member states why he is not running for election

August 17, 2012
Santa Paula News

Dan Robles, appointed last month to fill the last few months of the seat vacated by Gary Marshall on the Santa Paula Elementary School District Board, told the board this week why he was not running for a full term on the board.

Robles is director of the Blanchard Community Library. He had served four terms on the SPESD board before losing his seat in the last election. 

“After 16 years on the school board I had never been called to question by my board (the library board of directors) about doing this,” Robles said. “When they found out in the newspaper that I was appointed for this they pulled me into closed session and basically told me that there was an issue that required that I not do anything else in the community. If I did then I would be called in to discuss it, which probably means any number of things.”  

Whatever the main issue is, Robles said he will not discuss it now because of Measure “U” on the November ballot. He said the measure is important to the library and if it did not pass they would lose 40 percent of their budget. “It doesn’t require money; it just requires approval from the voters to allow us to increase the revenue limit in order to spend money that’s due to come to us,” he added.

He did say there is a candidate for the library board who has said the public does not like the job he’s done for the library over the last two decades. Robles also said, “I have one disgruntled employee who has been questioning every management decision by the board and by me for the last five years. And I’m sure that this candidate is being fed this information and, as the saying goes, ‘Even your hairdresser knows for sure.’ Apparently the candidate had a haircut and so did one of my employees and supposedly found out that I’m getting paid overtime.” Robles said that is not true, because as an exempt employee he’s salaried and does not receive overtime.

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