City Council requests updated list of proposed city street names

August 24, 2001
Santa Paula City Council
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesA rose by any other name is still a rose, but the same can’t be said of street names, which will be the subject of an updated list of monikers for new thoroughfares.The City Council requested the update at the Aug. 20 meeting.Acting City Manager Norm Wilkinson passed around a circa 1985 list of council approved street names, updated from the 1977 list to reflect the names of those Santa Paulans killed in military action.The list is broken into various categories of rivers, trees, birds, hillsides, explorers, mountain peaks, national parks-forests, Ventura County names, lakes, historical names of Santa Paula, plants-flowers, presidents, gems-stones, boys-girls, counties, and those veterans killed in action.Developers are also allowed input, said Wilkinson; Vista Pointe, as an example, used two names from the city list and one suggested by the developer.One wrinkle in the street name game is a proposal by county fire to coordinate street names to avoid duplicate names in communities, he added, to “avoid situations that they have now such as Ventura Street in Santa Paula and Ventura Avenue in Ventura. . .in a mutual aid situation there is the risk of confusion.”
The proposal to have all cities coordinate street names is still just at a discussion level, said Wilkinson, with “no action at this point. . .”Councilwoman Laura Flores Espinosa asked if the list of Santa Paulans who lost their lives in military action - from World War I to Vietnam - was complete.“I couldn’t tell you,” said Wilkinson, but he added that Prieto, the last name of siblings killed in World War II and memorialized with Mercer-Prieto VFW Post 2043, is a city street name.Wilkinson said the council could receive an updated list on street names if “you give us some lead time on that one.”The council agreed.

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