Isbell students reaching for the top

October 03, 2001
Santa Paula News
Three Isbell Middle School classes are aiming for a world record for turning in the longest consecutive homework assignments. The language arts and social studies students from room 14 are competing against each other to see which class can go the longest with 100 percent homework done. Each class has set a goal of zero misses for the 2001-02 school year.To date, 1,734 homework assignments have been given and turned in.The students have contacted the Guinness Book of World Records and have been told that this ?new category? will be brought before its board for consideration. The students are also in the process of contacting Ripley?s Believe it or Not.
?There is absolutely no reason why Santa Paula should not be the epicenter of an educational quake,? said eighth-grade teacher, Steven Bean. ?Our students have all the requisite potential and Santa Paula is blessed with so many hard working and dedicated teachers. If an educational awakening is to begin - and it must - then why not let it begin here.?

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