Synthetic marijuana affecting Santa Paula students

February 04, 2015
Santa Paula News

In a notice to parents and students posted on the website of the Santa Paula Unified School District it is stated that District officials have become aware of five students who had a serious reaction after smoking synthetic marijuana, known on the street as “Spice.”

The notice, signed by Superintendent Alfonso Gamino states, “These are just the students we know about, there may be others.”  These reactions reportedly occurred over the last 10 days. He added, “It appears there is some very bad stuff in our community at this time.”

He asks parents to speak to their children regarding this subject. “If anyone offers them something to smoke, they need to just say No! If they have any marijuana or synthetic marijuana it needs to be disposed of safely so that no one finds or uses it.”

The notice states that if anyone has any of these substances they should turn them in immediately to the Santa Paula Police Department and no questions will be asked.

It further says that if your child exhibits any of the following symptoms, call 911 immediately:

Symptoms may include: Non-responsive to touch or questions, Locked arms and/or legs, Standing, sitting or lying down but incapable of moving, Pupils dilated.

Parents are advised to call their school principal with any questions.

A District spokesperson said that police are aware of the situation.

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