Community donation drive starts
for July 4th Fireworks Spectacular

February 04, 2015
Santa Paula News

It will be “bombs bursting in air” for celebrating the birth of America at the annual July 4th Fireworks Spectacular, but only if the generous community makes it possible.

According to Al Guilin of the Fireworks Committee, fundraising has started in earnest to collect the monies needed for the deposit required for the fireworks.  

Said Guilin, “You can be patriotic and guarantee a real celebration by supporting the fireworks spectacular that pays homage to our nation’s creation.”

Fireworks for centuries have symbolized those “bombs bursting in air” that gave proof through the night to those first Americans that their struggle to form a more perfect union was a just cause.

Guilin said although Rotary acts as the agent to stage the annual celebration it mainly acts as “The collection arm... the committee is really a group of people that works each year to ensure Santa Paula will have a fireworks show,” held at Harding Park, although the pyrotechnics are visible throughout the city.

The fundraising effort includes brightly decorated red, white and blue donation cans that are placed in area businesses for donations.

“Those cans stir up a lot of people, makes them remember the event and we get a lot of small donations,” that not only add up, but more importantly, “Show even those with a limited amount of money can and do support the celebration... “

Corporations, businesses and individuals are also counted on each year to help provide the approximately $8,000 deposit, approximately half of the annual cost of the professional pyrotechnic display that runs more than $15,000.

“Limoneira helps big time,” said Guilin, “and so does their employees. The city is a partner by providing the logistics of it, the fire and police services,” and, as coordinated by committee member and Asst. Fire Chief Kevin Fildes, the permitting for the event.  

When Cruise Nite starts in April the Fireworks Spectacular Committee will be out raising awareness of and some money for the celebration.

“We’ll have people out there to ensure they are aware of the holiday, how important it is and that they need to help,” stage the largest free community event in Santa Paula.

“We have to have the deposit in the first week in March to the fireworks’ folks to confirm the event and the activity we want. We always have a wonderful show,” but Guilin noted with a laugh the timing seems odd.

“It is kind of awkward to raise money for something that will happen six months from now! But it’s a great celebration for the community by the community.” Those who would like to donate can mail a check or money order (write Fireworks on the memo line) made out to the Rotary Club of Santa Paula and mail to same at PO Box 809, Santa Paula, CA 93061.

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