Council, staff addresses items during
Communications, for Future Agenda

March 25, 2015
Santa Paula News

City Council and staff had some items of interest they wanted to share at the March 16 meeting, remarks ranging from funding for a public works project to a potential art project a councilwoman asked be on a future agenda.

During the Communications portion of the meeting City Manager Jaime Fontes said there had been a meeting with Rep. Julia Brownley and other top city officials at her Westlake Village office.

The congresswoman’s staff has toured Santa Paula Creek, where in past years an Army Corps of Engineers project cleaned out debris that caused flooding. The work, which pushed much of the debris into the Santa Clara River, inadvertently redirected the flow of creek waters where they emptied into the river creating a vortex that severely damaged the airport and other property.

Fontes said he also discussed with Brownley’s staff the possibility of a grant that would help offset the cost of a capital improvement project to remove chlorides from wastewater, funding he said has also been addressed at the state level.

Councilwoman Ginger Gherardi noted that residents of the Oaks had been notified of a power outage required for maintenance work that was scheduled on both sides of Highway 150.

“Our fire department should be put on alert,” that for some residents emergency communications might be difficult as they might not be prepared with charged cell phones.

“I’m quite concerned about elderly people or those that might get up in the middle of the night,” during the power outage and not have a flashlight handy or might use highly dangerous candles.

Gherardi added that the police department “Should be aware also that the neighborhoods are going to be dark … ”

Gherardi also said she attended the recent opening of Denny’s restaurant: “It was very nice, I’m very glad we have a new business in town,” but she found it “disturbing” that the franchisee told her it was difficult to get through the city’s permitting process.

“I would like us to see as a city what we can do to make the process simpler,” she noted.

When it came to Future Agenda items Gherardi asked that the city explore the possibility of a joint project with the Santa Paula Unified School District to create murals on water tanks.

All the council members agreed the item should be agenized.

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