Monday: Council to consider budget,
liens for unpaid water bills

May 29, 2015
Santa Paula News

The City Council will interview two candidates for the Planning Commission, consider placing property liens on owners who haven’t paid their water bills and discuss budget goals at the June 1 meeting. Monday’s meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. closed session — public comment is allowed beforehand — in the City Hall Administration Conference Room to continue the evaluation of City Manager Jaime Fontes.

 Then the council will open the doors at 6 p.m. to interview two candidates for the Planning Commission, incumbent “Ike” Ikerd and newcomer Fred Wacker. At times controversial Commissioner John Wisda did not apply again to serve another commission term. At 6:30 p.m. the meeting will be continued in City Hall Council Chambers; the session will be broadcast live by Time Warner Cable Channel 10 — and replayed according to schedule — and live-streamed on the city website where it will be archived or viewing on demand. After approving the Consent Calendar, those items considered routine and not expected to cause discussion, the council will consider placing liens totaling $27,422.07 on properties with unpaid water bills. The highest bill in the mix of 24 properties is $6,943.67 and the lowest $69.29; each includes the city’s $37 administrative. The council will also be asked to approve a bond issuance for Santa Paula Village Apartments; there is no liability for the city that will continue to collect an annual PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) fee that was set at $13,000 plus the standard 2 percent increase each year thereafter. The $8 million bond will be for the acquisition and rehabilitation of the apartment complex located on North 8th Street just south of Santa Paula Street. The council will continue to streamline the FY 2015-2016 budget process by discussing priorities and goals facilitated by former longtime Simi Valley City Manager Mike Sedell. The council has until June 30th to adopt the new budget, which continues to be tinkered with to whittle away at a projected deficit that with cuts is now a $12,000-plus surplus. The council will also set their summer schedule a.k.a. hiatus when, if the panel chooses to, the council chambers will be dark. City Hall is located at 970 E. Ventura St.

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