All finished except for a rub of linseed oil courtesy of Limoneira workers who assembled the hayride wagons that will be used for tours and pumpkin lovers when “The Patch is Back” October 2016.

Rotary Pumpkins: Hayride wagons
December 04, 2016

Santa Paula News

The Rotary Club of Santa Paula benefited from some holiday spirit when employees of Limoneira Co. took it upon themselves to assemble three wagons…really, really big hayride wagons that will be used when “The Patch Is Back!” in October 2016.

Mike Mobley announced at a recent Rotary meeting that the wagons would be arriving from Honeybrook, Pennsylvania at Limoneira’s Olivelands facility and would have to be unloaded and assembled.

The shipment arrived on scheduled, was unloaded from the semi-truck and waiting for assembly, but at the next Rotary meeting Mobley had another announcement: “Alex Flores and the Future Farmers of America offered to help put the wagons together but when we got there this morning they had been assembled by Limoneira workers! They did a great job, we really appreciate it!” 

And, noted Mobley, “When we get the hundred wheelbarrows we’ll have those delivered to Olivelands too!”

The hayride wagons will be used to offer tours at the Pumpkin Patch, which will be opening at a new location; the event, formerly held at Faulkner Farm, was the club’s single largest fundraiser. Other service clubs and organizations also benefited from the Pumpkin Patch that attracted thousands of visitors each year and raised about $100,000 annually that was poured back into the community.

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