Pyrotechnic party: Donations sought for July 4th Fireworks Spectacular!

February 10, 2016
Santa Paula News

Santa Paula will again celebrate the 4th of July with a pyrotechnic party — that is if supporters step forward with donations to help stage the fireworks show, a free event for the whole community that can be viewed throughout the city.

The City Council learned at the February 1 meeting that $7,500 must be raised to secure the pyrotechnics and technicians.

Fire Chief Rick Araiza of the Santa Paula Fireworks Committee told the city that, “Once again, the Rotary Club has stepped forward for the city of Santa Paula,” to act as the lead agency in collecting and dispersing donations in cooperation with the city.

Araiza said, “We’ve already contacted Zambelli Fireworks and they agreed to do the same show as in the past,” a pyrotechnic spectacular.

Others including the Optimist Club are also active in the effort to provide the patriotic display to the community whether at Harding Park where the fireworks are set off or from the many locations throughout Santa Paula where the show is easily seen.

Al Guilin, co-chair of the Fireworks Committee, thanked the city for their support, “Particularly the fire and police that have been instrumental in this being held in a safe and remarkable way.

“The cost for the fireworks curiously enough is still $15,000 and you’re probably asking why we’re asking for money now… four weeks from now we have to pay half of it in order to secure that date. We need $7,500 in a hurry!”

Letters have been sent to supporters asking for donations and brightly decorated Red, White & Blue collection cans will soon be displayed on merchants’ counters where people can also make a contributions.

“We appreciate the urgency, if you will…and as Chief Araiza said we really have to thank Rotary as the interested agency that collects the money that is tax deductible to the donor.

“All you have to do,” said Guilin, “is write the check and put ‘fireworks’ on the memo line. The reality is we’ve had remarkable participation from the community…and if this community will volunteer to raise the money we’ll work hard to put on the show.”

According to the donation letter, signed by Guilin and Fireworks Committee Co-Chair Ginger Gherardi, a City Councilwoman: “Every year we celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks as a reminder of the legacy given to us by our country’s founders. The very nature of our country is rooted in the Declaration of Independence and the ideal of Freedom. Men and women have sacrificed their lives to protect that ideal and the values our Nation stands for. The need to recognize the Fourth of July in Santa Paula is even more important now and a tradition that should continue.”

Mail donations to Santa Paula Rotary Club, PO Box 809, Santa Paula, CA 93061. Be sure to write “Fireworks” on the memo line. You can also give a donation directly to any member of the Rotary Club or using the counter top donation cans at area merchants.

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