Santa Paula Fire personnel are shown starting to extricate a woman from her overturned Subaru SUV that was struck broadside by a Porsche Saturday in the intersection of Virginia Terrace and 8th Street. SPPD Officer Matt Alonzo (right) was first on the scene and cut the woman driver’s seatbelt so she would not choke in the restraint.

SPPD: Woman extricated from overturned SUV that was hit by a Porsche

June 03, 2016
Santa Paula News

Two people were injured in a traffic collision Saturday in a residential area when according to Santa Paula Police a red Porsche allegedly ran a stop sign. 

Sr. Officer Allen Macias said the May 28 incident occurred at the intersection of 8th Street and Virginia Terrace. 

It happened about 3:30 p.m.: “The driver in the Porsche,” traveling west on Virginia Terrace, “said he stopped at the stop sign, pulled into the intersection to go through and didn’t see the Subaru SUV,” traveling northbound on 8th Street and collided with the vehicle.

The collision “launched his car onto the sidewalk,” and overturned the SUV, which came to rest on the passenger side.

Macias said Officer Matt Alonzo was first on scene and found the female driver in the SUV was trapped: “He cut her seatbelt,” to save her from choking on the restraint, “and then Santa Paula Fire took over when they arrived on scene.”

“It was choking her,” said Alonzo of the victim’s seatbelt. “I had to make sure she would stay and not fall,” before he cut the belt.

“Then,” said Alonzo, “we could talk to her,” to help access her injuries and reassure help was there.

Santa Paula Fire had to brace the SUV to extricate the woman, whom Alonzo said appeared to have moderate injuries. She was transported to Santa Paula Hospital by ambulance.

The driver of the Porsche, he noted “In our opinion, ran the stop sign at a high rate of speed, hit the SUV hard on the right passenger side, it flipped and the female driver was trapped.”

“We’re just happy nobody appeared to be seriously hurt,” including the driver of the Porsche who told first responders that he would seek his own medical treatment.

Alonzo said the Porsche had “Major front end damage and the SUV had major damage on the right passenger side where he hit her broadside.”

The collision he noted is still under investigation.

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