Mayor Ray Luna signs the commemorative California State Flag jersy as Jim Balders looks on. Balders was riding from Fillmore to Ventura stopping at the various cities along the way. Photo by Don Johnson

Bike Club hosts 2002 Ventura County Bike Rally

May 24, 2002
Santa Paula News
In the tradition of long distance endurance automobile racing events like the prestigious Paris-Dakkar Rally, the Ventura County Bicycle Coalition (VCBC) held a county-wide bicycle rally during California Bike-To-Work Week, May 13-17, 2002. “By holding this county-wide bike rally during California Bike-To-Work Week, we want to show Ventura County residents that you can quickly and safely travel between communities by bicycle,” said Aaron Hanson, VCBC President.The event featured bicyclists transporting a commemorative California State flag jersey to ten “check points” in the county. The ten check points were the city halls of the ten incorporated cities in Ventura County. The bicyclists carried the special jersey arriving at each “check point,” where the mayor and/or members of the city council were asked to sign the garment. The signed jersey was presented to the County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

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