The Spooky gunship sits on the runway at Camarillo Airport. Its available for flights through Sunday.

"Puff" flies by Santa Paula

August 14, 2002
Spooky gunship flys over Santa Paula Airport
Santa Paula News
A restored AC-47/DC-3 did a fly-by for First Sunday at the Santa Paula Airport Sunday. A group of ten people went up in the Spooky gunship for the Santa Paula flight. Once in the air, passengers were permitted to walk around the plane, including visiting the cockpit and looking at the ground below out the open door, with cargo webbing the only thing between you and the outside.The AC-47 was first used as a troop transport during D-Day operations in World War II. After the war it became a DC-3 airliner. It showed up again during the Vietnam war as a gunship, called Puff the Magic Dragon, because of the three gattling guns that breathed fire from the sky on enemy positions.The plane has a fresh coat of camouflage paint, just as it did in Vietnam.
The Spooky Squadron crew and volunteers are with the aircraft at Camarillo Airport through Sunday. Its available for tours and flights. They accept donations to tour the plane. To take a 20-minute flight, itll cost you $125 per person or $99 if tickets are purchased in advance.

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