Local Man Attempts to Revitalize International Catholic Movement

March 29, 2003
Santa Paula News
By Genevieve Branco Santa Paula TimesAfter multiple careers in business and education, and a lifetime of faith in traditional Catholic beliefs, John Blewett has found a way to combine both in his publishing of an International Catholic Magazine.“The Latin Mass, a journal of Catholic culture,” is a widely circulated quarterly magazine, which ministers to traditional Catholic followers. It has had Blewett as the Managing Editor for two years now, under which time it has been flourishing.According to Blewitt, the magazine has a tri-fold mission: 1) Publishing an intellectual Catholic journal for Catholics who desire to work for the return of the church to tradition and authentic organic development, including publishing writers who are committed to fostering a reformation in the Catholic church. 2) To organize educational conferences which aid in propagating Catholic faith. And 3) To eventually establish study centers of well-formed priests who will live and work together, dedicated to Catholic Scholarship, which is serious writing and study.So far, both 1 and 2 have been widely successful, resulting in 8 issues reaching over 1.1 million readers since Blewett’s involvement and about a dozen conferences around the country. “No Catholic magazine in the world has this kind of circulation,” says Blewett.Blewett himself has been a resident of Santa Paula for 23 years. Originally he came to work as Vice President of Thomas Aquinas College. Although he’s had other jobs, from Sports Writing to the Wanderer Forum Foundation President, editing the Latin Mass gives Blewett a way to combine his beliefs in the “Ancient Mass” with his career.
By “Ancient Mass,” what Blewett means is the version of the Catholic mass that was given in Latin before the Vatican II conference of the 1960’s, which declared that priests would say mass in the language of the country it was held. Blewett attends mass in Latin daily saying that differences are found even in the theology of the mass, but he isn’t asking newer Catholics to change. “What it’s about is asking people to understand that the church has had an organically developed tradition for years including a great, unbroken tradition of Popes since Peter.”Blewett feels that “The Latin Mass” is a way for him to be involved with the church in an area where the church needs the most help. It is important to Blewett that “The Latin Mass” not become boastful with it’s success, and that it isn’t overly aggressive in taking over territory, especially because of the already existing tension between traditional and liberal Catholics.Blewett has been married 53 years, and has 7 children and 28 grandchildren, all are practicing Catholics. For information regarding subscription to the Latin Mass, call 201-327-5900, or check online @ www. keepthefaith.org.

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