Santa Paula Girls Softball Results

April 26, 2003
10 & Under Red Dragons 2, Teal Sparks 0Hitters: Dragons: Lindsey Simmons, single; Kelley Zepeda, single; Kelsey Brock, HR; Meriya Guerrero, single. Sparks: Annessa Guevara, triple; Christina Bonfil, single; Pauleen Gonzalez, single.Kelley Zepeda pitched 6 innings with 17 strikeouts. Pauleen Gonzalez pitched 7 innings with 12 strikeouts.Blue Senders 9, Teal Sparks 1Hitters: Senders: Emma Ruiz, HR; Corinna Avelino, single; Spring Tarango, single. Sparks: Annessa Guevara, single; Pauleen Gonzalez, HR.10 & Under StandingsRed Dragons W 7, L 1Blue Senders W 7, L 1Green Thunder W 1, L 7Teal Sparks W 1, L 712 & UnderLil Devils 13, Outlaws 5Hitters: Devils: Janessa Flores, 2 singles, HR; Anna Reynosa, single; Jasmine Rodriguez, HR; Marissa Reyes, single; Kimberly Espinoza, single; Monique Luna, single. Outlaws: Maggie Gallimore, single; Missy Mosqueda, 2 singles; Jessica Ruiz, single; Katie Lewis, single.Blue Angels 9, Lucky Charms 5Hitters: Angels: Rebecca A., 2 singles; Laura R., single; Raeleen H., single; Jackie M., single; Mariya, double; Jessie, single; Stephanie, single; Yvette, single; Ashley, double. Charms: Breanna G., triple; Eileen O., double; Haydee V., double, single; Brittany L., single; Brienna C., 2 singles; Brittany, single; Marina C., double.Outlaws 15, Blue Angels 13Hitters: Outlaws: Tanya, single; Candace N., single; Maggie, triple; Katie, 3 singles; Missy, single, triple, HR; Jessica, single; Candace F., single; Breanna, single. Angels: Laura R., single; Jackie M., single; Raeleen, double; Joleen Z., single; Jessie J., triple; Yvette P., single, double.Lil Devils 10, Lucky Charms 3
Hitters: Devils: Janessa Flores, single; Anna Reynosa, double; Marissa Reyes, HR; Jasmine Rodriguez, triple; Monique Luna, single; Stephanie McGinity, triple; Isabel Becerri, single. Charms: Breanna Gonzalez, triple; Eileen Osuna, single; Breenna Carrillo, single; Brittany Esquivel, single; Marina Carrillo, double.12 & Under StandingsLil Devils W 6, L 0, T 1Lucky Charms W 3, L 3, T 1Blue Angels W 3, L 4, T 1Outlaws W 1, L 6, T 014 & UnderHot Chicks 16, Tornadoes 5Hitters: Chicks: Nianna, single; Bub, single; Wendi, single; Janessa, triple; Casey, single. Tornadoes: Larissa, single; Vanessa, triple; Brittney, 2 singles.Bruins 7, Tornadoes 5Hitters: Bruins: Nia, triple, double; Michelle, single; Ashlee, single; Lindsey, double, single; Denise, single; Katelyn, 2 singles; Liz, single; Alex, single. Tornadoes: Sarah, triple; Brittney, 2 singles; Lizette, single; Yesenia, single.14 & Under StandingsHot Chicks W 4, L 0, T 1Tornadoes W 2, L 4, T 1Misfits W 1, L 3, T 1

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