Letters to the Editor

November 19, 1999
What comes next? To the Editor:Now that the Army Corps of Engineers is clearing the Santa Paula Creek - freeing it from any possibility of flooding - are we to expect a new layer of up-scale homes being built between the rivulet and the orchards?Vince BurnsSanta PaulaFree publicity?To the Editor:In retrospect, perhaps we acted too hastily in actually paying the Star to publish John McDermott’s response to the Department of Justice letter. What our City Council should have done was follow the lesson learned at the time the DOJ letter was received: deny public access to it. Then a council person could have “leaked” the letter to the Star. They likely would have pounced on that scoop like a chicken on a june bug and published the entire thing for free amidst self-congratulatory comments.Then again, maybe they wouldn’t have, since the McDermott letter does tend to show Santa Paula as the decent community it really is. That might be contrary to Star policy.Bill GlennSanta Paula
Stop gangs, togetherTo the Editor:There are too many gangs and too much gang violence in society today. If we stop gang activity more kids would be in school, getting their education, which would mean better jobs for them and fewer problems for society.Everybody needs to come together to solve this problem. First of all, parents need to talk to their kids, and really be a part of their lives, to influence and encourage them to stay away from gangs. The kids themselves need to stay away and not be influenced by the wrong activity. If the parents are part of their children’s lives, then the kids wouldn’t feel the need to join a gang, when they have their family at home.Gun sellers need to stop thinking just about money, stop selling guns to minors, on the black market or on the internet, for this plan to work. If the gang members have fewer guns then violence will be reduced.Innocent people are getting shot for wearing the wrong color on the wrong part of town. What will happen next.Antonio MagdalenoSanta Paula

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